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Twizzlers' Mystery Flavor will keep you guessing.

Twizzlers' First-Ever Mystery Flavor Is A Berry Good Twist On A Classic

I’m getting black cherry vibes.

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Twizzlers launched its first-ever mystery flavor in April 2021, and you can start tasting (and guessing) ASAP. Fans won't actually know the official flavor until the brand reveals it sometime this summer, but if you really want to know what Twizzlers' Mystery Flavor tastes like, look no further. I tried the brand's newest licorice flavor, and it definitely has a different vibe as compared to the classic strawberry flavor.

Before we get to the taste, here are some necessary details: Twizzlers Twists Mystery Flavor packs are available nationwide in 1-pound packs for $2.39 per package, though pricing may vary. Before you head out to try a bag of Twizzlers' Mystery Flavor, make sure to check the CDC's most updated guidance on social distancing and masking.

You might not be able to find Twizzlers' Mystery Flavor right away, but they'll be around through the summer for you to try. If you need answers right now, though, I've got you. (Well, kinda.) I don't know the exact flavor, but I tried the Twizzlers Twists Mystery Flavor alongside the OG Strawberry Twizzlers to see just how different the new candy tastes. Here’s what you can expect when you dive into the question mark-covered bag of candy:

Twizzlers' Mystery Flavor

When you open a pack of the Twizzlers Twists Mystery Flavor, you're met with a strong scent of ripe berries and a hint of vanilla. (My editor smelled black cherry on her first whiff, FWIW, so there's definitely a berry/cherry vibe happening.) The shape and size are the same as regular Twizzlers Twists, but the candy is a dark purple as compared to the vibrant red strawberry version.

On your first bite, the mystery flavor is subtle, but it develops as you chew. I initially thought it was a grape and berry blend. As time went on, it seemed possible it could even be some sort of berry flavor you don't encounter very often, like huckleberry or boysenberry. At the very end, I noticed something I had missed: a blue raspberry flavor.

For me, it's pretty clear that it's likely a berry flavor, but even after trying a few pieces, I'm still not sure precisely which berry flavor it is. Although I haven't been able to pin down the particular berry taste, I enjoyed the unique twist on the original Twizzlers.

Mystery Flavor Vs. Strawberry

Pro tip: Try Twizzlers' Mystery Flavor right after eating Strawberry Twizzlers to pick out the flavor notes. The Strawberry Twizzlers smell like the ripe red fruit, and biting into one brings home the unmistakable strawberry taste. It also has a malty, vanilla quality to it that rounds out the flavor. Switching to Twizzlers' Mystery Flavor, you'll definitely notice a similar vanilla undertone but there's a distinct dark berry taste that's more like a blackberry or raspberry.

Sadly, I wasn't able to solve the berry mystery completely, but it sure was fun trying. As you embark on your own taste test, you'll want to take some time (and eat your fair share of Twizzlers) to weigh in on the mystery for yourself. You can share your guess on Twitter and keep an eye out for the big reveal coming this summer.

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