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Is TikTok's Discover page gone? Here’s the deal with the change.

If Your TikTok Discover Page Suddenly Vanished — Here’s What To Know

TikTok is putting friends first.

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TikTok has a new look, and it might change the way you use the app. Users started noticing the disappearance of the Discover page, which was housed in the Discover tab, in May 2022. That was the same time TikTok began introducing the Friends tab at the bottom of the screen. Where you could once find trending sounds and hashtags is now a feed of posts by your Friends, aka followers that you follow back. If you’ve been missing out on trends, you might be wondering if TikTok’s Discover page is gone forever? Here’s what to know about the major change.

TikTok’s communications team tweeted on May 5 that a Friends tab was being rolled out over the upcoming weeks — replacing the Discover page — to “allow you to easily find and enjoy content from people you’re connected with.” The personalized experience encourages you to connect your account to your phone’s contacts and Facebook to find existing friends and more easily see their videos right there in the Friends tab. Similar to your For You Page, the Friends tab also shows you “suggested accounts from the TikTok community,” according to a TikTok explainer of the feature.

But with all this new-new, you might have noticed your Discover tab has disappeared. The Discover tab took you to the Discover page, where you could see which tags and sounds were trending and what the TikTok community was up to. Without a Discover tab, all you have are the Home tab (with For You and Following) and Friends tab, and then, of course you can search videos — but there’s really no place to access the current TikTok trends without the Discover page.

Unfortunately, it appears that if you have the Friends tab on your TikTok app, your Discover days are over (for now). For some Discover page fans, not all hope is lost. TikTok notes in a Friends Tab explainer that “some users will see the Discover page in place of Friends” — although how the company decides who sees what is unclear. Elite Daily reached out to TikTok for clarification on the removal of the Discover page for some users, but did not hear back at the time of publication.

If your Discover tab is gone, it’s not clear whether you’ll get it back, but here’s hoping you can find your way back to the TikTok trends so you can pick up new dance routines and discover new creators. In the meantime, there’s still the For You Page, thankfully. People on Twitter are feeling the loss of the Discover page and begging TikTok for its return.

I love my friends, but TikTok needs to bring the Discover page back.

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