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Boost Your TikTok Likes And Followers With These Tips To Get On The FYP

Get ready to go viral.

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If you’re already making your own TikTok videos, you might be wondering how the social media platform picks which videos to feature on people’s “For You Page.” Although everyone’s page will look slightly different because they’re customized to a viewer’s likes, there are some tricks to landing your video on the For You Page for people who like similar videos. So, if you’re trying to break out on TikTok, here’s how to get your video on the TikTok For You Page (FYP) by using these tips.

The TikTok FYP picks vids for people based on their likes, shares, follows, comments, and the content that they create. But the algorithm also takes captions, hashtags, and sounds you interact with, your language, country, and what device you use into account. So although those deets are how TikTok curtails FYPs based on each person, knowledge is a valuable insight to have as a creator. The FYP’s algorithm for users, combined with a few others, is what you'll want to look at when you're trying to get your video on the FYP.

How To Get On The TikTok For You Page:

First, it seems like most viral creators swear by a common rule — create great content. The more people enjoy watching your videos, the more they’ll interact with them, and the greater chance you’ll have of hitting the FYP. But there are other tips from social media strategists and other creators that will also help you land your vids on the FYP, so you’ll want to take some notes.

1. Make Sure Your Vid Has Great Content

There are plenty of theories that explain how you might make it onto the FYP, but there isn’t an exact formula. However, Jacob Pace, the CEO of TikTok media brand Flighthouse, told New York Magazine in November 2019 that the “retention rate” of your videos may matter — meaning it might increase your chances when people view your video all the way through.

YouTuber and social media pro Quincy Moreland also suggests posting a video with a good hook (aka something to grab the viewer’s attention, so they keep watching).

2. Pay Attention To What Time You Post

YouTube creator Robert Benjamin suggests checking out when your TikTok videos are getting the most traffic. That means checking which time of day and what days of the week people are watching your videos. To do that, you’ll need to have a TikTok Creator account (it’s free to switch to one). Once you do, you’ll check your Analytics page through the app’s Settings for the past seven days, and you’ll be able to see when the height of your video traffic is. He suggests choosing the most popular times within an hour of the direct traffic.

Others experts in social media have used this theory for other social media platforms such as Instagram, and it makes sense that when more people are using the app, your traffic will spike. Conversely, if you post during a time of day when fewer people are on the app, it stands to reason you won’t see as many likes.

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3. Using Trending Filters, Challenges, Hashtags, & Sounds

One way you might make it on the FYP is to check what’s trending under TikTok’s Trending page. If you see trending sounds, challenges, hashtags, or filters, you might want to consider using one of them in your next video to see if you get more engagement. Also, because the sound or hashtag is trending, there’s a good chance your video might show up in the trending section and get a higher amount of views.

4. Hashtags

Some bloggers and YouTubers, such as web influencer Neil Patel, suggest that your hashtags might matter. In this case, they say you should include the #fyp and #foryoupage hashtags in your video’s description, as well as the genre or aesthetic of your video. Others, like Moreland, suggest using current and trending hashtags to spike your video’s engagement.

5. Have A TikTok Group Pod

Social media strategist Rachel Pedersen says an outside-of-the-box strategy to get on TikTok’s For You Page is getting a group of supportive friends engaged with your videos. Basically, you’d do this by sharing your posted video with them and asking them to hit like and comment, and reciprocating when they decide to post a video, too.

6. Posting Regularly

Although quality is more important than quantity, you’ll have a higher chance of getting on the FYP when you post consistently. This might be a scheduled time slot for you or just committing yourself to post once a day or every other day.

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7. Have Fun With It

This last tip might not get you on the FYP, but if you’re enjoying the content you post, the odds are you are going to get other people engaged through your visible passion. It’s not a foolproof theory, but people can tell when you like something and when you don’t, so don’t put so much pressure on yourself that it isn’t enjoyable for you to create videos.

There are a ton of theories on how to get on the TikTok For You Page, but the most important thing is taking some advice from successful creators and staying true to yourself at the end of the day.

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