These filters like Snapchat’s Shook Lens on TikTok and Instagram are too funny.
9 Filters Like Snapchat’s Crying And Shook Lenses That Are Hilariously Realistic

Never. Stop. Pranking.

Pranking unsuspecting friends with hilarious filters they have no idea are on them is having a moment. First it was Crying Face Lens on Snapchat, and then the Shook Lens quickly went viral on TikTok — even Kylie Jenner hopped on the trend. But you’re going to run out of prank videos with only two filters at your fingertips. To help keep the fun going, check out these filters like the Shook Lens on all your fave apps, like Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram.

You already know there are plenty of ways to make it look like you’re crying (or make your clueless friends look like they’re sobbing), but after seeing the brilliance that is the Shook Lens, you can’t just stop there.

Some of the best videos overlay the very realistic filters on someone who is experiencing the total opposite emotion — like if it’s the Crying filter, they might be happy AF but have no clue the Lens is on them.

The opposite can be just as funny. TikToker @lovesoreal used a popular smiling effect on her boyfriend who was most definitely not happy to be at the mall. He didn’t know it, but he certainly looked elated though.

For Instagram effects, search the filter’s name in the Effect Gallery or head directly to the creator’s profile and click on the Effects tab, it’s the one with three sparkles. Browse through until you find the filter and maybe try out a few others while you’re at it. From surprised to cheerful, these filters will send you through waves of emotions with its realistic effects.

Shook by Stef (Snapchat)


It’s giving deer in headlights. The Shook by Stef filter enlarges your eyes and mouth, like a lot, to the point where you look like the shocked emoji.

Frown Face (Snapchat)


Kinda evil looking, the Frown Face by Snapchat furrows your brows while intensely raising it for more drama. It also makes your face narrower, widens your mouth, and scrunches your nose. Think the Grinch on Christmas. Now you can begin your villain era.

Grumpy Face (Snapchat)


“Why the long face?” You might ask. The Grumpy Face Lens by Snapchat quite literally elongates your face and forces that smile upside down while pointing your brows down so people know you mean business.

Smile (Snapchat)


Say cheese! The Smile Lens by Snapchat will put a wide grin on your face, like the happiest you’ve ever been.

Grinning (TikTok)


You really can’t tell this one’s a filter. The Grinning effect on TikTok makes you smile by adding a toothy grin. It has been used in 1.3 million videos and it’ll definitely have you smiling by the end of the video.

Angry Face by (IG)


Blow off some steam with’s Angry Face filter that adds redness to your face and literally lets out steam from both your ears.

Evil Smile by @igorsaringer (IG)


Turn your smile into a sinister evil smirk with @igorsaringer’s Evil Smile filter, complete with bright red eyes — inspired by Billy the puppet, perhaps?

Crying (Snapchat)

Courtesy of Snapchat

An oldie (by now) but a goodie, the OG Crying Lens by Snapchat will have your eyes watering and sulking in a hyper realistic way.

Shook (Snapchat)

Courtesy of Snapchat

Surprise! The Shook Lens by Snapchat is the latest filter taking over your feeds. Get on the trend, and don’t be too shocked when it goes viral.