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Here's a list of all the crying face filters on TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat.
These Crying Face Filters On Snapchat, TikTok, & IG Are Perfect For Pranking

They’ll never see it coming.

If you’ve scrolled through TikTok recently, you’ve likely seen the viral crying face videos going around, but if you’ve been trying to join in on the fun, you should know that the crying face isn’t actually a TikTok filter at all — the one people are using is a Snapchat Lens. Luckily, TikTok has its own versions of the over-the-top effect, and Instagram and Snapchat are filled with some hilarious crying filters as well. Here’s a rundown of the eight best crying face filters across the social media platform so you can hop on the trend on all your accounts.

ICYMI, the crying face (aka the sad face) is a new effect that distorts your face to look like you’re crying — like, really crying. The viral filter gives you a big, dramatic pout that makes it look like you’re sobbing and adds a noticeable yet subtle redness to your eyes. Plus, the filter also furrows your eyebrows, makes your nose all red and irritated, and gives you super realistic wrinkles for that extra level of realness.

Despite going viral on TikTok, the sad face effect is actually a Lens on Snapchat called “Crying.” That being said, if the LOL-worthy trend has left you looking for even more laughs, there are plenty of pouty face filters across TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat that are just as good as the OG filter, and are definitely worth checking out.

Crying Face (TikTok)


The Crying Face effect from TikTok gives you that same dramatic pout as the OG Snapchat Lens, and makes it look like you’re crying, too.

Expressions (TikTok)


The Expressions effect on TikTok doesn’t just give you a mega-pout and furrowed eyebrows — it also gives you a huge smile that takes up half your face.

Crying Eyes by @Reinrenal_sec (IG)


Another popular trend on TikTok involves using the red, swollen eyes to make it look like you’ve been crying (you know the one). Instagram has several versions of the viral filter, like Crying Eyes from @Reinrenal_sec on Instagram.

Anime Crying Face by @Aka.Anime.Bae (IG)


This anime-inspired filter from @Aka.Anime.Bae on Instagram gives you a serious pout, a never-ending stream of tears, and furrows your eyebrows, too.

Crying by @Manuborrero (IG)


Make your lips quiver up and down as you cry fake tears with the Crying IG filter from @Manuborrero.

Crying by HeKoe (Snapchat)


This Snapchat Crying filter stretches out your face to give you the longest set of pouty lips ever. Plus, it also makes your eyes really big, and gives you a set of matching tears as well.

Crying Face by Igres Elay (Snapchat)


If you love the over-the-top weepy look that the OG Lens provides, this Lens, which puts what appears to be the infamous Tobey Maguire-crying-in-Spiderman meme over your face, is sure to give you a laugh.

Crying (Snapchat)

Courtesy of Snapchat

You can never go wrong with a classic. The Lens that started it all is called Crying on Snapchat, and can be found by searching “crying” on the Lens Explore page.