This Is The Magical Snapchat Lens Turning Everyone's Dogs Into Cartoon Characters

by Daffany Chan
Courtesy of Snapchat

If you've been on your phone at all the last few days, you've likely seen a pair of animated cartoon eyes on the faces of all your friends' dogs. The new Cartoon Face Lens on Snapchat allows you to transform yourself (or your pet) into an adorable character with eyes straight out of a Disney movie. If you haven't tried it out yet, here's how to get the viral Cartoon Face Lens on Snapchat.

You might be wondering why the cartoon eyes are popping up everywhere all of sudden, and the answer is pretty simple: it's a brand new Lens. According to Snapchat, the Cartoon Face Lens launched on Friday, Aug. 7. When you use it, the Lens replaces the subject's eyes (you or your doggo) with a set of oversized cartoon eyes and eyebrows. Though the Lens isn't officially associated with Disney, plenty of fans are sharing that it can turn your subject into a Disney character lookalike.

To get in on the fun, just open up the Snapchat app on your device. When you open to the Snap Camera, you'll see the search bar at the top. All you need to do is type in "Cartoon Face," and you'll see the Lens come up as the first result. Make sure you tap on the one with "Snapchat" as the Lens Creator. You can also search exclusively in the Lens Explorer by tapping the smiley face to the right of the capture button in the Snapchat Camera, then tapping the magnifying glass with the word "Explore" at the bottom right of the screen. Tap on the search bar, and the Cartoon Face might show up automatically as a Trending Lens. If not, just type it in the search bar. Select the Lens, and if you'd like to save it to your favorites for future use, just tap the star icon at the bottom of the screen.

To use the Lens, you'll want to line up the camera with your subject. You can use either the front facing camera or rear-facing camera, and then you'll see the cartoon eyes transform you or your pup.

On the right side of your screen, there are also options to customize features such as eye shape, eyelashes, eyebrow shapes, and eye color. After you've chosen the customizations you like, you can get right to snapping pics and vids of your Disney-fied your pooch.

Plenty of users are already using it to turn their dogs into even cuter versions of themselves. Once, you've played around with the Lens, you can even try out some other iterations of the cartoon Lenses on the app. Another one by Snapchat is called Pop-Up Eyes, which you can access here, or you can try Cartoon Face by Lens Creator Conan, which also adds a still cartoon mouth to the mix. With plenty of ways to switch up your (and your pet's) peepers, it's time to start Snapping.