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Is the crying face filter on TikTok? This Snapchat Lens is so realistic.

The Crying Face Filter Isn't Actually On TikTok, But Here's Where You Can Find It

This extra step is *so* worth it.

Courtesy of Snapchat

You’re always bound to stumble into a trend on TikTok, and while the latest one might leave you laughing until you cry — it’ll also leave you a little confused. The crying face filter (you know the one) began to go viral on TikTok on Friday, May 6. After scrolling through a few videos of TikTokers pranking their family and friends, you might’ve looked for the effect yourself, and then immediately wondered: Is the crying face filter even on TikTok? Well, great question — and in short, no. But fear not, there is a place you can go to find what is actually a Snapchat Lens.

The crying face filter (aka the sad face) began trending because it might be easiest prank you could ever hope to pull on someone. Basically the filter, which is a Snapchat Lens, looks so realistic and puts a permanent crying/sad face on whoever the camera is pointed at that you almost can’t tell it’s a filter. People have been getting in on the joke by using the filter on another person and poking fun at their sad expression despite what are usually just everyday happenings around them. It’s even funnier because the person in front of the camera has no clue they’re being pranked. According to Snapchat, the Snapchat Lens launched on Friday, May 6, and as of May 11, it has over 1.3 billion impressions.

In the most watched TikTok video by @fablesinfocus, with 19.4 million views, a woman is seen being asked for a chip (aka french fry) by her daughter. The crying face filter makes her look devastated, resulting in her daughter asking her what’s wrong. Nothing is actually wrong, except for her hilarious expression. Another video by @puwtok, with 1.5 million views, has an identical effect on the subject. A daughter pranks her dad by using the Crying Lens on him and asking him why he looks so sad, to which he responds in confusion that he’s not sad — but LOL, the filter tells a different story.


To see it in action, here’s how you can try out the Snapchat filter for yourself.

Here’s How To Find The Crying Lens in Snapchat

  1. Open the Snapchat app.
  2. Open Lenses by pressing the smiley face button on the right side of the photo button.
  3. Hit the “Explore” tab on the bottom right.
  4. Type “Crying” in the search bar.
  5. Scroll until you find the one titled “Crying” by Snapchat.
  6. You can also find it under “Trending Lenses.”

There are so many versions of the crying filter, but to get the exact one, make sure to check that the creator of the Lens is Snapchat. Not to be confused with Snapchat’s other filters, “Crying Eyes” or “Crying Face.” Although, they are equally funny and realistic. If you are reading this on your phone, click here for a shortcut that will automatically open the Lens in Snapchat.

You can also scan the QR code below using your Snapchat camera to unlock the Lens:

Courtesy of Snapchat

Once you’ve got it you can make a video to share to Snapchat and TikTok. But remember, even though your FYP is full of confused people with sad faces, you’ve got to go to the home of the Crying Lens, aka Snapchat, to really get in on all the fun.

While you’re there, you can also try out Snapchat’s new shopping features that let you easily pick out clothing items you’ve had your eye on by just sharing a screenshot of a look. Once you’re done virtually browsing, though, you can head back to the Crying Lens and perfect your prank on your most unsuspecting friends — who, as much as they want to, will not be able to turn that frown upside down.