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These summer emoji combos on TikTok include pool-inspired mash-ups.

These Summer Emoji Combos On TikTok Are Sizzling Hot

You won’t even need words for a fire post.

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As you’re gearing up to make some fire summer posts, you may be looking for the perfect emoji combos to use. While your go-to mash-ups are always great, there are plenty of unique combos on TikTok to keep you inspired to convey those summer vibes in a short, wordless string of icons. Get ready to pick out the combo that matches your latest poolside selfie because these summer emoji combos on TikTok will heat up your feed.

The trend of combining a string of emojis that go together isn’t new, but TikTok emoji combos have been flaring in popularity on the app since April 2021. Some of the trends have included hilarious options to replace phrases and slang and monochromatic combos for color-themed posts. It’s no secret that TikTokers love to stay on-trend (and often create the trends), some TikTokers have come up with fun emoji combos for summer.

You’ll find plenty of options that are full of summer vibes, including some from TikTokers such as Summer Glow Up (@sxmmer..glxwup), Sweeny (@freshavocadotoast_), and Kylen Paige (@kyylen). You can find a ton of choices when searching for “summer emoji combinations.” As you get ready to create your summer posts, check out some of the fun combos on the app that’ll make you inspired:

  • ☀️🤍⚡
  • 🌴🤍🍍
  • 🦩💕
  • 🥝🥥🌴
  • 🐬👛
  • 🌴 👙
  • 🐚🌊
  • 🌸🍯
  • ⛵⚓
  • ✨🎡🎠
  • 🐳🐬🐟

If you need more inspo, you can also check out Emojipedia’s Summer Emoji List, where you can see other summer-themed emojis to add to your combos. Some people on Twitter have also posted some summer emoji combos over the years:

TikTokers have also created some cool beach emoji combos, including a few fun options below:

  • ☀🕶🌞 (it's heatin' up)
  • 🌴☀️🏖️ (tanning session)
  • 🐟☁️🧊 (get ready for a chilly dip)

FYI, there are also 46 "secret" emoticons on TikTok that you can access by entering a “code” into the comments section of a TikTok video.

Whatever pics you capture this summer, you can easily find fun combos to use with all your posts on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

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