Here's what to know about Starbucks' Taylor Swift collab for 'Red (Taylor's Version).'

Starbucks Is Officially Taylor Swift HQ With This Red Collab

You’ll want to “Stay Stay Stay” in your local ‘Bucks all weekend long.

Courtesy of Starbucks x Taylor Swift

Every Taylor Swift stan is “The Lucky One” on Nov. 12. Not only is Red (Taylor’s Version) finally out, but you can also celebrate the release in so many ways at Starbucks. Fans quickly picked up on the hints earlier in the week, and Starbucks finally spilled the details on its Taylor Swift collab for Red (Taylor’s Version) on Nov. 12. Some fun opps include ordering Swift’s go-to latte, listening to the star’s songs in stores, and sharing the cutest T. Swift-themed gift cards.

Starbucks unveiled the collaboration with Swift, and it’s in full swing as of Friday, Nov. 12. The celebration includes Taylor’s favorite latte, her tunes playing at participating Starbucks locations nationwide, and a limited-edition e-Giftcard inspired by the hit-maker. Here’s everything to know about the Starbucks’ Taylor Swift collab for Red (Taylor’s Version) so you can get in on all the fun.

Try Taylor’s Favorite Starbucks Drink

If you’ve ever wanted to order Swift’s favorite drink from Starbucks, you can officially try her go-to Grande Caramel Nonfat Latte. To order one, you can find it in the app by tapping on the Taylor app card and then tapping “order now.” If you’re buying one in-person or from the drive-thru, ask the barista for “Taylor’s Latte” or “Taylor’s Version.” (In-store and drive-thru orders will get a label that says “Tay’s” because you can never have too much Taylor.)

The sip is available on the official menu through Nov. 14. However, you can order it whenever you want by customizing a Caffè Latte with nonfat milk and caramel syrup.

Listen To Red (Taylor’s Version) In Starbucks

As a part of the collaboration, Swift’s Red (Taylor’s Version) will play at your local Starbucks store, in addition to other hits from the songwriter.

Courtesy Of Starbucks

It’s not clear how long Swift’s tunes will take over your local Starbucks, but you can enjoy the playlist on Spotify whenever you want.

Starbucks x Taylor Swift e-Gift Card

Last but not least, Starbucks is offering a Swift-inspired e-Gift Card you can send to your BFFs. Featuring a design with leaves and the lyrics, “Autumn Leaves Falling Down,” from the sob-worthy “All Too Well,” it’s a sweet way to send a token of appreciation to someone you know.

Courtesy Of Starbucks

You can get the card on Starbucks’ website or the Starbucks app.

When you’re headed to Starbucks to get in on the Taylor Swift collab IRL, make sure to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.