How to order Taylor Swift's Latte at Starbucks.

Use This Secret Code To Order Taylor’s Go-To Starbucks Drink

She’s got good taste!

Courtesy of Starbucks x Taylor Swift

Swifties know the only way to fully celebrate the release of Red (Taylor’s Version) is with a delicious coffee from Starbucks (and maybe a good cry, too). Starting on Nov. 12, the star’s favorite Starbucks drink is available to order at participating Starbucks’ nationwide, so you can enjoy Taylor’s Version in more ways than one. Here’s how to order Taylor Swift’s Latte at Starbucks to fully immerse yourself in Red (T.V.).

ICYMI, the whole reason for the collab is to honor the Nov. 12 release of Red (Taylor’s Version). The rumors of a Starbucks x Taylor Swift collab started on Nov. 8, when the official Starbucks Twitter account sent Swifties into a spiral with a simple tweet that read, “It’s Red Season,” followed by a series of emojis, including a coffee mug and a red scarf.

The coffee giant confirmed the themed plans on Nov. 12, and you can drink just like Swift all weekend long at participating U.S. stores. Straying from her liner notes (i.e. maple lattes), Swift’s go-to buy on a Starbucks run is a Grande Caramel Nonfat Latte. Sounds like the perfect fall sip, TBH.

In a nod to Red (Taylor’s Version), the drink is also called “Taylor’s Version.” To order the Caramel Nonfat Latte, aka Taylor’s favorite Starbucks drink, all you have to do is ask for “Taylor’s Version” or “Taylor’s Latte.” Say the magic words, and you’ll be enjoying the singer’s go-to drink in no time. You’ll even get a label on your cup that reads “Tay’s.”

Or, if you’re placing a mobile order from the Starbucks app, just tap the details in Taylor’s app card and tap “order now.”


If you’re wondering why you don’t see the latte by name on the menu, that’s because it’s actually a Caffè Latte with nonfat milk and pumps of caramel (2 pumps for short, 3 for a tall, 4 for a grande, and 5 for a venti). So, once Red season is over at Starbucks on Nov. 14, you can still sip like Swift.

When you pick up your very own Taylor’s Version at Starbucks, make sure to listen closely, because you might just hear your favorite song on Red (T.V.) playing over the speakers. Remember to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules as you transport yourself back to 2012.