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Check out this easy way to earn Starbucks Rewards Stars with reusable cups for some serious savings.

You Can Now Earn Starbucks Stars Every Time You Order With A Reusable Cup

The savings are pretty impressive, too.

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Earth Day is on April 22, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be making environmentally friendly decisions every day of the year. To help make sustainable decisions a part of your daily routine, Starbucks is offering Rewards members the chance to earn Starbucks Rewards Stars just for bringing their own reusable cups to its cafes. Plus, you can also save a little extra cash with each order, and use those Stars towards some seriously sweet customizations. Here’s how it works.

Starting April 22, customers who bring their own clean reusable cups will be able to receive 25 Stars on their orders. In order to secure your Stars, you’ll need to be a member of Starbucks’ Rewards program, which is free to join and regularly offers customers the chance to earn free coffee, play games to win perks, and more. You can start redeeming your rewards with as little as 25 Stars, so get ready to upgrade your sips with customizations like an extra shot of espresso, dairy substitute, syrup, or sauce on every visit. Plus, it only takes 50 Stars to earn a free hot brewed tea or coffee or bakery item, which means you can start scoring a freebie on every other Starbucks run. That’s a lot of freebies, and a lot of savings.

If that weren’t enticing enough, Rewards members who opt to fill their order with reusable cups will also save 10 cents on their drink. The savings... they just keep coming, y’all.

You might want to start building up your collection of reusable cups so you’re ready on April 22, and then you can flaunt a new cup every day of the week. Luckily, Starbucks has plenty of options to choose from, including a new lineup spring-inspired 18 and 24-ounce cups that are sure to make for a good accessory to any Starbucks sip.

This latest eco-friendly option is meant to assist Starbucks’ goal of reducing 50% of its carbon emissions, water withdrawal, and waste by 2030 in January 2020, and the company’s emphasis on reusable cups is definitely helping make that goal a reality. In March 2022, Starbucks announced it would finally allow personal cups to be used for mobile orders, and that it would continue to test its Borrow-A-Cup program in stores around the globe. Other initiatives the company has taken include expanding its plant based menu, sourcing 100% renewable energy sources for its stores, and even introducing a plantable gift card option to help reduce waste.

When you head to Starbucks to earn Stars and show off your best merch, remember to check CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.

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