These space Zoom backgrounds will have you feeling right next to the stars.

These Space-Themed Zoom Backgrounds Will Put You Among The Stars

Curate your WFH ~space~.

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Connecting with friends, classmates, and co-workers using a video conferencing platform like Zoom gives you an opportunity to feel close even when you're not together. Next time you chat, consider swapping out your real background for a virtual one. With so many options, you can practically transport yourself to a whole other galaxy. Get started on your journey with these 19 space Zoom backgrounds that are out of this world.

To get space-themed backgrounds for Zoom, start by checking a few different spots. Zoom recommends using a royalty-free image service like Unsplash, Pixabay, or Pexels. There are also other companies sharing virtual backgrounds for Zoom that you can download by right-clicking on the image from a company blog page. If you've never used Zoom's virtual background feature before, make sure you have an up-to-date version of Zoom on your Mac or PC, or download the mobile app, which is compatible with iPhone 8 or later, fifth generation iPad or later, and Android 8.0 or higher.

To upload a virtual background of your choice into Zoom, sign into your account and go to your Settings. From there, choose the Virtual Background tab and select the plus sign (+) to upload an image. If you’re using the Zoom app on your phone, tap Virtual Background on Android or Background and Filters on iOS. Soon enough, you’ll be entering the stars at galactic speed. Anyone who loves outer space will find themselves transported by these space Zoom backgrounds, all of which are guaranteed to elevate your home office vibe.

1. Red Star Clusters


This space Zoom background from Pixabay puts you in the middle of a cluster of stars and the stunning red hues of the Rosette Nebula. Located in the Monoceros region of the Milky Way Galaxy, this cosmic cloud of gas and dust is sometimes referred to as the “Skull Nebula.”

2. Star Wars Lightspeed Background


Download this lightspeed background courtesy of Star Wars to have your next digital hangout in the iconic hyperspace shot from the film saga. This background will make you want to put on John Williams’ main Star Wars musical theme in no time at all.

3. Orion Nebula


Put yourself right in front of the Orion Nebula in the Milky Way for your next Zoom meeting. The brilliant purple colors in this space background for Zoom from Pixabay will keep you captivated even if you’re just in a work meeting.

4. Moon Landing


Feel like you've just landed on the moon with this Zoom background found on Pexels. Featuring a shot of a moon landing from NASA, you can even see the footprints on the moon's surface.

5. Space Shuttle


Board a virtual space shuttle and see what the views are like as you get ready to leave planet Earth with this background on Unsplash. Just ignore the fact that you’re sitting in your room on your laptop and embrace your new intergalactic space travel surroundings with this background.

6. View From Above


This background found on Unsplash gives you a view from space, situated above the Gulf of Mexico, thanks to a pro shot from NASA. The glow of city lights from this aerial view will be enough to mesmerize any of your Zoom guests.

7. Planet Earth


You can video chat from space with a close-up of planet Earth in this Unsplash background by The New York Public Library. You can even say that you’re using a vintage background, as this photo was taken in 1972 during the Apollo 17 mission.

8. Phases Of The Moon


This stunning Zoom background courtesy of Unsplash features the phases of the moon using time-lapse photography. Whether you’re a fan of witchcraft or space travel, these vivid shots of the lunar cycle will be right up your alley.

9. Colorful Image Of Space


Another Zoom background from NASA found on Unsplash, this photo will make you feel transported with its stunning array of colors. This shot of space is so surreal that it almost looks like it could be a painting.

10. Starry Galaxy


This virtual Unsplash background features a colorful view of a nebula, with brilliantly lit stars, illustrated digitally. Shot by NASA, it's a cosmic scene featuring a giant circular mass of gas and literal space dust.

11. The Sunrise Over Earth


Call into your next Zoom meeting with this view of the sun rising over the earth with this Pixabay background. If you’re an early riser or have a morning meeting, this will be sure to signal to everyone that it’s time to wake up.

12. The Milky Way


Video call with a view of the Milky Way with this Pexels space background. Full of mesmerizing dark blues and bright stars, this photo will calm everybody in your Zoom meeting.

13. Ready For Takeoff


Get ready for your mission, because this virtual background from Pexels features a rocket blasting off into the sky. If you’re in need of some energy to get through the day, this is the Zoom background for you.

14. The Solar System


Science fans will love this Pixabay background. Study up on space during your next Zoom call with this cool illustration of the solar system.

15. Astronaut Floating In Space


You can call from mid-air in space with this background courtesy of Unsplash. Captured by NASA, this image features a lone astronaut floating in space.

16. Surface Of The Moon


Forget being suspended in space and call in from the surface of the moon with this Unsplash background provided by NASA. With nothing but the pitch black of space and big lunar craters behind you, you’ll definitely feel the part of a moon-walker.

17. Night Sky View


Are you a fan of the galactic night sky but still want to feel rooted on Earth? This background from Pexels will be sure to do the trick, featuring an HD shot of the stars at night, along with silhouettes of trees in the distance.

18. Neptune Blues


Feeling blue? Check out this stunning shot of Neptune taken by NASA and available as a background on Unsplash. The bright aqua of the planet will definitely bring some refreshing intergalactic vibes to your Zoom meeting.

19. Galaxy Spiral


Go for a classic spiral galaxy look with this background courtesy of Pexels. Just make sure the photo’s entrancing hues don’t lull you into an unfocused spiral of your own!

Whatever space background you choose, it’s sure to turn your next Zoom hangout into an out-of-this-world experience.

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