These fall Zoom backgrounds will make you feel so cozy.

These 25 Fall Zoom Backgrounds Include Autumn Leaves, Pumpkins, And More

It’s sweater weather at its finest.

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With fall officially here, one way to celebrate the changing of the season is to use a new virtual background. Thanks to Zoom’s fan-favorite feature, you have endless options you can use to swap out your real background with some pretty fall scenery. If you’re ready to embrace sweater weather in every way, here are 25 fall Zoom backgrounds for major autumn vibes.

With the crisp wind of fall on the forecast, the next time you hop on a call with your best friend, you can hide the view of your couch with some much-needed autumn color. Most of these backgrounds for Zoom are available from royalty-free image services and are downloadable with a simple click of a button. Once you’ve downloaded the photo of your choice, sign into Zoom, go to your settings by choosing the gear icon, and then click the Virtual Background tab. Upload the image with the plus (+) sign, and voila, you’re ready to chat with your new virtual background.

Without further delay, here are 25 fall Zoom backgrounds that’ll have you celebrating autumn leaves, PSLs, and more.

1. Stepping On Fallen Leaves

One fall post you just can’t get enough of on the ‘Gram? Shots of sneakers standing in the freshly fallen leaves to celebrate autumn, and this Zoom background captures the same mood.


2. Tree-lined lane

This virtual background from Pixbay on Pexels features a tree-lined dirt road. The leaves showcase vibrant shades of red, dropping along the lane.


3. Autumn leaves

This fall photo will make you feel like you're playing in leaf piles. Featuring a close-up shot of red, purple, and yellow-tinged leaves, this background will give your calls a boost.

Jeremy Thomas/Unsplash

4. Pile Of Pumpkins

Nothing says October like pumpkins do, and you can get ready for the spooky season with this Zoom background that places you among a stack of red, white, and green striped pumpkins with a soft focus.

Aaron Burden/Unsplash

5. Apple Season

Speak to your inner apple-lover with this fall-inspired shot. With a rustic white tabletop and five Honeycrisp apples in a neat row, this photo will make you want to go apple picking ASAP.

Isabella and Zsa Fischer/Unsplash

6. Fall Pine Cones

Trees drop leaves and pine cones in the fall, and during a walk outside, you may find any number of them. This fall Zoom background showcases a variety of natural fall items like pine cones, seeds, leaves, and fruits that look expertly arranged like a centerpiece.

Karolina Badzmierowska/Unsplash

7. Coffee And Fall Spice

This Zoom background from La Colombe Coffee celebrates its canned Pumpkin Spice Draft Latte and features a subtle nod to the sip alongside illustrated pumpkins, cinnamon sticks, and yellow leaves.

La Colombe

8. Fall Picnic

You'll feel like you're fully al fresco with this virtual background featuring a picnic basket set in a grassy spot, a plaid thermos, and sweet sugar-dusted cookies.


9. Autumn Stairway

This fall background features a decorated stairway and stoop in Boston, a city ripe with gorgeous autumn color. Celebrate from afar with the orange and white pumpkins and potted plants.

Sasha Prasastika/Pexels

10. Fall Road Trip

Although you may not be on a road trip yourself, this autumn background for Zoom will brighten up your calls with an aerial shot of an empty road lined with trees in every fall shade.

Mohan Reddy/Pexels

11. Fall Wreath

There’s nothing more festive than a wreath, and this fall leaf wreath background from The Hallmark Channel will make you feel so cozy.

The Hallmark Channel

12. Fall View Of The Dolomites Of Italy

If outdoorsy hikes and picturesque locales are your perfect idea of a fall day, this snapshot of the Dolomites mountain range in northeastern Italy will have you feeling so tranquil. Enjoy a waterfront view of a farmhouse in the distance, orange-tinged treetops, and a blue-sky reflection on the lake.


13. Pumpkin Centerpiece

This centerpiece features orange and white pumpkins, dried ornamental corn, and natural wood tones. Whether or not you're decorating your own space, you can use this virtual background to make your calls feel special.

Anna Tukhfatullina/Pexels

14. Seasonal Lake Walk

Put your calls in the middle of this beautiful fall scenery from Lisle, Illinois. This fall backdrop features a river lined with golden-hued trees, a quaint bridge across the banks, and the reflection of orange and yellow leaves on the water.

Chait Goli/Pexels

15. Autumn Letter Tiles

Celebrate the fall with a background that spells it out for you. Using tiles reading "Autumn" on a wooden surface and a frame of dried fruits and leaves, this photo is subdued and simple, without losing the magic of the season.

Ellie Burgin/Pexels

16. Chilling Lakeside

This fall Zoom background features a pretty lake surrounded by trees with red and orange leaves. The perfect autumn picnic spot, TBH.

Jacob Colvin/Pexels

17. Golden Light Through The Trees

This pretty autumn Zoom background features the golden light you see at dusk when the light sets low and shines through all the trees.

Artem Saranin/Pexels

18. Cozy Reading Scene

If you like nothing better than to curl up with a blanket and a book when it’s chilly outside, this autumn Zoom background will give you all those cozy vibes.

Ioana Motoc/Pexels

19. Fairytale Fall Cottage

This fall background for Zoom is straight out of a fairy tale, with a stone cottage covered in red vines resting on a riverbank across from a quaint stone bridge.


20. Cozy Sip

Whether you prefer a latte or a mug of hot chocolate, this background of a fall cuppa resting on a plaid flannel blanket will have you ready to sit and relax with a hot sip.

Ana M./Pexels

21. Pickup Truck In A Pumpkin Patch

There’s nothing that says pumpkin patch in the country more than a quaint, old-fashioned pickup truck. This fall Zoom background will give you all the harvest vibes as though you’re searching for your own gourds to take home.

Priscilla Du Preez/Unsplash

22. Red Bridge In The Mountains

With some serious Sleepy Hollow vibes, this pretty autumn background is picture-perfect. Featuring a red covered bridge and tons of yellow and orange leaves, you’ll feel just like you’re driving through.

Dennis Buchner/Unsplash

23. October Celebration

Say it’s October, without ~saying~ it’s October. This virtual background for Zoom features a cozy sweater, a tiny orange pumpkin, a book, and Scrabble tiles that spell out “Oct.”

Debby Hudson/Pexels

24. Corn Maze

This fall background for Zoom will make you feel like you’re walking through a corn maze yourself, and it looks like you’ve almost reached the end!

Steven Aguilar/Unsplash

25. Fall Toadstool

Beyond the changing leaves, pumpkins, and sweaters, fall is also a time for some cute fungi. This little toadstool in the woods sprouted up among the leaves.

Thomas Bormans/Unsplash

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