Ryan Lochte's Rumored Girlfriend Stands Up For Him With Sweet Comment


It's clear Ryan Lochte's world has imploded around him in dramatic style in the wake of the Rio 2016 Olympics robbery scandal.

But what still isn't clear is whether or not he's dating Playboy model Kayla Rae Reid.

However, the 25-year-old's latest comment may have finally shed some light on their situation. Kayla said,

I always support him, no matter what.

Strong words.

She made the comment as the pair arrived in Los Angeles airport and a reporter grilled Ryan on how he's feeling.

The swimmer has always denied having a girlfriend and even spoke about his Tinder profile in one Olympic interview.

But since then, he's been pictured with Kayla multiple times -- including one where the couple is going into a house together after his Matt Lauer interview.

Speedo USA ended its sponsorship of US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte after all the madness.

TMZ caught up with Lochte to get his thoughts on everything that's gone down this past week, including the loss of his sponsor and "second family" Speedo.

Speaking on the loss of the swimwear brand, Ryan Lochte said,

I hear about that, and it stinks. Speedo was great to me, they were like a second family throughout my swimming career.

I guess it's a new chapter now.

Lochte also addressed the rumored suspension expected to be handed down by the USOC, saying,

However long my suspension is, that the USOC says, I'm going to get back in that water and keep going. I think I would [continue to] swim just because I love the exercise. I love being in the water, and I would definitely go and start working with kids; teaching them things that I've learned throughout my swimming career. I have so much love and passion for the sport of swimming that I just want to make it bigger.

As far as the reported excessive drinking that got Lochte into this situation in the first place, well, he mentioned that, too.

He told TMZ,

It's definitely something I'm going to have to be more responsible about... Everything that happened in Rio. I'm definitely going to learn from it. We're human, we learn from our mistakes.

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