This Is Trump's Most Unpopular Tweet From The Past Year, According To Science


If you want to know how unpopular a tweet is, the best thing to look at is something known as "The Ratio."

When a tweet is popular, it receives a lot of retweets and likes.

When it's unpopular, it receives more replies than retweets and likes, and it's safe to say the tweet pissed people off.

So, the ratio between retweets/likes and replies is a good measure for how unpopular a tweet is.

Using this ratio, Fast Forward Labs looked at tweets from seven different Twitter accounts, from January 26 to now, that had tweets with 50 replies or more.

President Donald Trump's Twitter ratio has declined since he was inaugurated, which isn't that surprising considering how wild the news cycle has been since January.

This is Trump's most unpopular tweet from the past year or so.


The tweet received roughly 4.5 times more replies than retweets. That's not a good ratio. Sad!

Trump would probably take a moment to point out that the above tweet also got 71,000 likes. But, when it comes down to it, if people aren't willing to retweet AND like it, they're arguably not willing to fully endorse the tweet.

Based on the content of this tweet and the response, it looks like people are not too fond of Trump bragging about how he won the election.

Not to mention, he lost the popular vote by roughly three million votes, which seems to be why he's so set on mentioning his electoral college victory over and over.

As for Trump's tax returns, a majority of American voters have said they would like to see him release them -- but he's refused to do so.

Although he recently said he might release them once he's out of office, it wouldn't really matter anymore in relation to the presidency.

There's actually someone on Twitter who's more unpopular than Trump.

Trump tweets a lot, and what he has to say is often controversial and bizarre. This isn't exactly breaking news.

A lot of people, including many of Trump's supporters, feel his tweets are inappropriate and unbecoming of a president.

So, it might surprise you to hear in the past year or so, there was actually someone whose tweets were even more unpopular than Trump's: House Speaker Paul Ryan.

This is Ryan's most unpopular tweet, which received roughly 27 times more replies than retweets.


So it seems you can be the most unpopular new president in modern US history...and still more popular than Paul Ryan on Twitter.

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