Trump Says He Doesn't Need Exercise Because Of His 'Genetic Gifts'

by Alexandra Svokos

Donald Trump's exercise and diet would definitely not be doctor-recommended.

Although he famously does not drink or smoke, the rest of his habits are more than a little cringeworthy.

The most exercise Trump gets, according to Axios, is golfing every so often. And even with that, he uses a cart instead of walking from hole to hole.

Meanwhile, his diet doesn't quite live up to that kind of lifestyle.

One of his favorite meals is a big piece of steak. A lot of red meat is generally considered to be bad for your health, especially for that of your heart.

These steak dinners are typically when the president eats his vegetables -- as a mere side. A source told Axios Trump does, in fact, eat salads -- like a Cobb salad, which isn't exactly the healthiest kind of salad.

Trump doesn't drink coffee, but he does drink a ton of diet Coke and virgin Bloody Marys.

Outside of steak meals, Trump's diet would absolutely not make Michelle Obama proud.

His "three staples," according to an aide, are Domino's Pizza, KFC and McDonald's. He's served Big Macs on his private jet on silver trays.

We know he loves Lay's potato chips and has stocked up on them in the White House. But Trump is also a big fan of vanilla-flavored Keebler Vienna Fingers and Oreos -- although, a former aide said, he stopped eating Oreos when they moved plants to Mexico.

An aide said he has "never seen" Trump eat fruit or nuts. This stands in contrast to Barack Obama, who was reported to snack regularly on a handful of almonds.

But Trump doesn't seem particularly worried about his health. This is because he "really believes in genetic gifts," according to Michael D'Antonio, his biographer.

D'Antonio said,

He wants to assume that he can do something that others can't do simply because of who he is.

The biographer added "he was probably a little bit blessed with getting away without paying much attention to his diet and exercise."

Trump is the oldest president to enter office at 70, which does have many concerned about his health. His doctor, the eccentric Harold Bornstein, said that Trump is overweight, but otherwise healthy.

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