Your Tequila Is About To Cost This Much More Thanks To Trump's Border Wall

Wikimedia Commons / REUTERS

Donald Trump spent his entire presidential campaign saying that he was going to build a wall on the Mexican border.

He promised over and over again that the wall would be built — and Mexico would pay for it.

But with a newly announced plan on Thursday, it sounds as if it will be the American people ultimately paying for Trump's border wall.

Earlier this week, Trump announced an order to build the wall.

But the question of payment was still up in the air.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto actually canceled a meeting with Trump on Thursday morning over his continued promise to build the #FuckingWall, as Former Mexican President Vicente Fox has taken to calling it.

Later on Thursday, a White House spokesperson said that Trump would pay for the border wall by putting a 20 percent tax on imports from Mexico.

That means that sending products from Mexico to the United States will cost more.

And what that eventually means is that the products themselves will cost more for the American consumer.

The United States gets a handful of products from Mexico. This includes vehicles and machinery along with fresh fruits and wine and beer.

So what exactly would Trump's plan for this border wall mean for you?

You'd likely see the prices of your avocados and tequila go up.

That's right. Going out with your friends for margaritas and guacamole is about to get more expensive, all because Trump is insisting on building this wall on the Mexican border.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said earlier on Thursday that the border wall would likely cost between $12 and $15 billion, which is a lot of shots.

Ryan said,

If we are going to be spending on things, say infrastructure, we are going to find the fiscal space to pay for that in our spring budget.

Mind you, a border wall already exists along parts of the Mexican border. And even if you don't care about the racist aspects of a wall and just care about the "security of the country" or whatever, Texas politicians (both Democrat and Republican) have criticized the idea of a wall for being ineffective.

Republican Will Hurd of Texas said that building a border wall is "the most expensive and least effective way to secure the border."

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