Trump Admits He Shared Info With Russia And It Makes His Defenders Look Foolish

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Donald Trump appears to have made yet another admission about a huge story and, in the process, made his defenders in the White House look like liars, again.

On Tuesday morning, the president posted two tweets that responded to a bombshell story broken by the Washington Post on Monday evening.

The Post reported that Trump shared classified information with Russia during a meeting last week at the Oval Office, which national security experts found alarming.

Despite the fact that administration officials denied the story was true on Monday, Trump seemingly confirmed the report himself in his tweets on Tuesday, effectively throwing those officials under the bus.

In other words, Trump did it again.

By, "it" we mean the repetition of a trend that occurs when a controversy hits the White House.

Step one, an unflattering story breaks.

Step two, members of the Trump administration offer an explanation.

Step three, Trump offers his own explanation that makes renders step two obsolete.

It happened last week, after Trump's own explanation for why he fired former FBI Director contradicted his staff's explanation. Now, it's happened this week, after Trump's tweet undermined another staff denial.

After the tweets, members of the media pointed out the obvious irony.


Just to be clear, there are reasons why the idea of Trump sharing classified information became a huge story on Monday.

According to the Washington Post, current and former US officials say that sharing classified information with Russia jeopardizes the source of that information.

The Post also says that the source of the information did not have the United States' permission to share the details of the info with Russia.

During an appearance on cable news, Republican senator Ben Sasse explained the story as basically as possible: "Weird."

In fairness, it's worth pointing out that Trump did not specifically admit that he share "classified" information in particular.

But it's also worth pointing out that the president, who's had no problem in the past claiming "FAKE NEWS!", did not deny the reports either.

So, ultimately, Trump's latest explanation made those among who staff who publicly defended him look foolish, again.