Trump's Most Tweeted Words From His First 100 Days Show Strange Priorities

by Alexandra Svokos
Getty Images

Donald Trump officially reaches 100 days as president on Saturday.

He's spent about a quarter of his presidential time in Florida and probably about half of his time on Twitter.

That likely explains why he's gotten so much less done that Barack Obama did in his first 100 days as president.


Twitter took a look at the words Trump used the most in tweets in his first 100 days as president.

It's a pretty telling list pointing at one major obsession: The media.

Trump's top two tweeted words are, predictably, "great" and "America / American."


Trump's most-used word isn't totally surprising as it's in his infamous slogan. Trump also uses "great" to describe just about anything he wants to brag about.



Can't have "great" without "America." Preferably in all caps.

Trump's third most-tweeted word is where things get interesting.

It's "news / media." You'll notice this as a trend.

While his fourth most-tweeted word is "job" and fifth is "today" -- pretty standard word -- the sixth is "fake news."

So essentially, Trump's tweeting all about "news," "media," and "fake news."


The rest of the list keeps it pretty standard, with "thank," "people," "big" and "country." Nothing too surprising there for a president's Twitter account.


Twitter also took a look at the accounts Trump tweeted at the most in his first 100 days.

With this list, the media obsessions somehow becomes even more obvious -- and alarming.

A majority of the accounts Trump tweeted at during his first 100 days as president were media accounts.


While he starts off presidential with the White House's account, things very quickly veer into strange territory.

Trump apparently just can't get enough of tweeting at media accounts.


He screams at the "failing" New York Times and "FAKE NEWS" CNN while drawing attention to programming on Fox & Friends and Fox News.


And just by the way, the New York Times has been getting record subscriptions since Trump became president -- hardly "failing."

The president is known to be pretty obsessed with the media -- especially TV stations, which he watches regularly.

Many have noticed that he'll tweet about something while a TV station like Fox News is discussing it. So, yes, our president is a prolific live-tweeter.

Trump's wildest allegation that Obama was wiretapping him, in fact, came from him watching Fox News.

Maybe if he stopped watching television he could actually get some legislation through. Interesting idea, no?

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