These Clever Signs Perfectly Sum Up How We Feel About The Abortion Case

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of abortion access in the landmark case Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt on Monday.

Although it will take time and effort to undo the considerable damage Texas's House Bill 2 caused, this is an unquestionably positive moment for pro-choice advocates. It is an indication states cannot use questionable health "benefits" as excuses for laws that shut down abortion clinics and leave women without access.

Both pro-life and pro-choice advocates waited outside the Supreme Court in Washington, DC to hear the announcement. In fact, they waited outside the Supreme Court for weeks for this. The Supreme Court doesn't release a schedule of when it will be announcing cases. All you know is on certain dates in June, the court will make its announcements.

So those of us invested in the case waited breathlessly each Monday and Thursday to see what would happen. The Supreme Court waited until the very last day of its announcement schedule to release the decision on Whole Woman's Health.

And when the decision finally came in, it was a moment of pure excitement for those rooting for Whole Woman's Health.

The people outside the Supreme Court came equipped with clever signs to make their final demonstration on Monday morning. The pro-choice side celebrated uteruses, freedom and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who wrote a fire concurrence in the case. Here are the best signs.

Many were all about every woman's individual freedom.

Of course, love for Notorious RBG was all around.

*Insert laughing-crying emoji here*

You've gotta dig the enthusiasm.

We hope Nick Jonas would be proud.

We know Leslie Knope would be proud.

Is it even a demonstration about women without a "Mean Girls" reference?

Or a Beyoncé reference?

Asking the important questions.

Always love a good pun...

All Above All

...and wordplay.


OK, I mean, well, this guy was there, so we'll count it on the list.

Back in Texas, Whole Woman's Health was also proud to be able to announce the news.

Chrissy Faessen