People Think Ariana Grande Is Better At Responding To Terrorism Than Trump

by John Haltiwanger
Dave Hogan/Getty Images

Many people have taken a look at how pop-star Ariana Grande and President Donald Trump have responded to recent terror attacks in the UK and concluded the singer is better equipped to deal with terrorism than the president.

In other words, a lot of people currently view a 23-year-old celebrity as a bigger source of inspiration than the 70-year-old President of the United States.

It's pretty clear people think Grande has done a far better job taking a stand against hate than President Trump.

Grande has been a poised and unifying figure since the attack, which killed 22 people, including children, and wounded dozens of others.

In response to the devastating terror attack that occurred at her concert in Manchester on May 22, Grande posted a heartfelt message of solidarity on Twitter, visited with victims in the hospital and hosted "One Love Manchester," a benefit concert for the victims.

The New York Times described Grande's benefit concert as sending a message "of defiance" to terrorism.

Meanwhile, President Trump responded to Saturday's terror attack in London, which left seven dead, by attacking the city's mayor on Twitter and renewing calls for his "travel ban."

Trump did what is arguably the exact opposite of what a leader should do in the wake of a terror attack: He was exceptionally divisive.

Trump completely misconstrued London Mayor Sadiq Khan's response to the attack and tried to make it look as if he'd diminished what happened.

The president tweeted, "At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is 'no reason to be alarmed!'"

But Khan actually told London residents to not be alarmed about the increased police presence in the city in the wake of the attack -- he wasn't referring to the attack itself.

This didn't stop Trump from continuing to attack Khan via Twitter on Monday.

To sum it all up: Trump responded to a terror attack in the capital of America's greatest ally by attacking its mayor, pulling something he said completely out of context, and doubling down when he was called out for being wrong.

Trump's second tweet attacking Khan came amid news of a mass shooting in Orlando, which left five dead.

So, instead of addressing violence within his own borders, Trump went out of his way to berate the leader of a city that was just attacked.

Relatedly, this is what Sadiq Khan tweeted last year when Orlando was attacked.

The Orlando shooting also came just one day after Trump made a pointed remark about guns in relation to the London attack.

In the UK, handguns are banned and gun laws are strict, which saves lives. If the London attackers had firearms, it's conceivable they would've killed far more people.

Given all this, it's understandable why people are praising Ariana Grande, while condemning Trump's behavior.

He's arguably writing the book on how not to respond to terrorism.