Melania's Birthday Card To Trump Includes Tiny Detail That Twitter Can't Ignore

Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images

A subtle detail on a birthday card tweeted by Melania Trump has a few people scratching their heads.

The First Lady posted the card on Wednesday in recognition of President Donald Trump's 71st birthday, prompting some to read between the lines, literally.

In between the "Happy Birthday" and "Mr. President" there's a, well, super weird stain that you wouldn't expect for a computer-generated image.

One journalist took notice and posted a close-up of the image.

What followed was predictable for Twitter: speculation plus public figure equals all the jokes. So, what exactly is that weird thing?

Here are a few ideas, according to Twitter.

Too much spray tan.

Donald's thumbprint.

We all know about the president's issues with his hand-size.

And, of course, we can't discuss the possibility of it being some covfefe.

Let's be honest, we still don't know exactly what that means.

By far the most speculated answer? A golden tear.


Of course, speculation around the topic of what Melania Trump does and what it "actually" means has become a mainstream subject of interest.

The examples are numerous.

When Trump appeared to slap away the president's hand after the pair landed in Tel Aviv, it got people talking. When she did something similar during their stop in Rome, the same.

Now, consider the fact anonymous sources claim the couple doesn't sleep in the same bed, throw in the fact that some of her photos with the president give the appearance that she's miserable, and you have yourself a situation in which a tiny dot on a card will seem like a cry for help to some people.

Take it easy, Twitter.

For all we know, the first lady might just really hate the spotlight of being, well, first lady. We'll probably never know. In the meantime, though, expect these jokes to continue to fly.