Calls To Remove Donald Trump Are Trending On Twitter After CNN Wrestling Tweet

by Lilli Petersen
Olivier Douliery - Pool/Getty Images

Donald Trump's fiery week on social media is ending with a resounding bang on Sunday night, as the Twitter hashtag #25thAmendmentNow picked up major steam.

By the time it was socially appropriate to pour yourself that much-needed glass of wine — about eight hours after the president first started tweeting for the day — the hashtag had been tweeted about 21,000 times.

A Twitter ban is so six hours ago: now, people are calling for the president to be removed from office.

The 25th Amendment is the part of the Constitution that deals with what happens when a president is removed from office.

For those of us who need a refresher, it establishes the line of succession to the Oval Office. More importantly, it lays out a framework for Congress to remove a president who can't fulfill his duties. The president can be replaced because of death (eek), resignation, or some kind of incapacitation. Like illness.

Removal of a president under the 25th Amendment isn't the same as impeachment.

Plenty of people (including plenty of politicians) have called for that as well, though. Of course, looking at who would be in line to succeed Trump as president might make you rethink things.

Hi guys.

After everything Trump tweeted this week, it's not surprising.

Honestly, Twitter's kind of holding back. Trump's social media roller-coaster took off on Thursday, when he tweeted insults at Morning Joe co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, with a bonus sexist comment thrown at Brzezinski. The exchange went back and forth, with Trump defending himself as "MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL," until the president apparently got bored and returned to favorite target CNN.

On Sunday morning, President Trump tweeted a meme-ified video showing himself physically attacking a personified version of CNN. The tweet was met with horrified reactions. It wasn't long before Twitter users were calling for him to be removed from the platform — and a few hours later, for him to be removed from the presidency. It's hard to say which one Trump would hate more.

Well, I suppose this presidency is all about historic firsts, and it's true that no president has ever been removed from office under the 25th Amendment. If Twitter has its way, that'll be another one to add to the list.