GIPHY Released The Most Popular GIFs Of Michelle And Barack Obama

I'm coming out of 2016 more than a little traumatized, to be honest.

As a politics writer for this here institution, bringing the news to y'all, I watched this presidential election more closely than any other in my lifetime.

And it was rough.

I mean, even Joe Biden is sad.

But through all the ugliness of politics in 2016, President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have remained beacons of hope, love, goodness, joy and beauty.

When they go low, we go high.

From Michelle's incredibly moving speeches at the Democratic National Convention and on Donald Trump's noted history of misogynistic language to Barack's post-election words on moving forward and encouragement for his staff -- the Obamas have been our compassionate leaders through an uncompassionate year.

This was all done on top of being really freaking cool and wearing awesome outfits and, casually, working some really sweet policies and projects.

GIPHY put together a collection of all the best GIFs of Barack and Michelle throughout 2016. The GIPHY editorial team created the list considering popularity, views and what best reflects the year.

Here are some of our favs:

Michelle swipes Barack's phone away.

This came from Barack's hilarious video from the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Barack brings back an old catchphrase at the DNC.

Michelle brings back American history at the DNC.

Barack meets Superman.

This happened at the White House's trick-or-treat event.

There were emotions about the state of sexism in the election.

This was from Michelle's emotional speech about Trump's rhetoric -- throughout which she never once used his name.

And there was a healthy amount of shade thrown.

And of course, there was dancing.

The Obamas, truly, dropped the mic in 2016.

We will miss the Obamas in 2017, to say the least. But at least they're going to be hanging around DC.