12 Times Michelle And Barack Obama's Relationship Was Adorably Down-To-Earth

On Monday, Michelle and Barack Obama celebrated nearly a quarter century of marriage.

They tied the knot on October 3, 1992.

Twenty-four years later, it's clear they're still very much in love.

The Obamas have somehow managed to be the perfect couple without being annoying about it.

Have you ever looked at the way they stare into each other's eyes? It's like listening to Marvin Gaye on a sunny Saturday morning.

They're just very genuine and down-to-earth. You can't help but love their love.

People often seem to believe marriages in the political realm are just about convenience. The Obamas have never felt that way.

They're the real deal and have always been very relatable because they never felt fake.

In a world where we obsess over whether celebrity couples are really just elaborate publicity stunts, the Obamas are just out here making us believe in love again.

They've obviously known what it takes to make a relationship last for a long time.

Here are 12 times the Obamas proved love is real and that they're pretty much the most relatable couple ever.

When the president said Michelle still thinks he's "pretty cute," even though he's getting older.

When Michelle picked the president's nose in public, because YOLO.

When Michelle did an impeccable impression of her husband for Colbert.

When the president couldn't help but act like a smitten teenage boy when he saw the first lady dressed up.

When Michelle told Steph Curry to trash-talk the president about his ears.

When the president gushed over Michelle's eloquent and inspiring speech at the DNC.

When Michelle adorably reciprocated and expressed her pride in the president after his DNC speech.

When the Obamas talked about how nervous watching the Olympic gymnasts made them.

When Michelle wished the president a happy Father's Day with a nerdy, yet cute family vacay photo.

When the Obamas danced with a 106-year-old lady, because who wouldn't?

When Michelle called the president "a perfect 10."

When the Obamas made us believe love is real, aka their entire existence.

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