Steph Curry Can't Stop Laughing When Michelle Obama Disses Barack

If you needed a reminder the president's time in the White House is winding down, Michelle Obama's conversation with Steph Curry should do the trick.

Around this time of year, we're used to seeing Michelle on the campaign trail defending Barack and helping him win elections.

This time around, with the president finishing up his second term, Michelle's kicking back on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and giving Curry advice on how to attack her husband.

After the Golden State Warriors star revealed how President Obama talks smack on the golf course, the first lady immediately responded,

You should trash-talk back. Talk about his ears.

Like a true pro, Michelle even suggests a specific joke for the two-time MVP to use, around the 1:15 mark of the video below.

Clearly, she's used that one on him before in the White House. But the first lady did more than just talk about what kinds of jokes Steph could throw at the president (even though that was a perfectly funny topic to remain on).

Michelle revealed she and the basketball star are working together on a project that encourages the consumption of water for families in kids.

FLOTUS also got to co-host the show with Ellen, who she joined for a few selfies, including one with guest Bradley Cooper.


But Michelle indirectly throwing shade at her husband was by far the best part of her appearance and a total sign she and Barack are perfect for each other.

You know what they say: The couple who roasts together, toasts together.

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