Michelle Obama's Impersonation Of Barack Is So Good, It Feels Like He's There


The first lady graced CBS' "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" with her presence last night and talked a little bit about what President Barack Obama is really like at home.

I mean, Michelle Obama would know better than anyone else, and she didn't let us down.

First, Michelle talked about how awful her husband is at photo shoots, where he rushes the photographer and insists they "got the shot."

She says,

Barack is horrible in photo shoots... and I hate doing photo shoots with him. [I said] 'don't rush the photographer!' and he was like, 'Yeah i thnk we got the shot, Can I go?' ...And Barack has two smiles for photos...

She then showed us her impression of his photo shoot smiles and obviously nails it.

When asked if she has an impression of the president, she said they all have one! Michelle showed us a solid impression of what her husband is like at the dinner table when asked a serious question, usually by their 18-year-old daughter, Malia.

Before going into the impression, Michelle not-so-subtly hinted she and Sasha, 15, don't appreciate the work-related conversation at the dinner table at all.

For example, Malia might ask a question about an issue such as global warming. Michelle put on her best Barack voice and says,

Well I'm glad you asked that. I'd like to answer that in three points. One, and then one A, then one A and one B...

She totally got him.

Sounds like once the President starts talking about something, he won't stop to eat.

I'd love to see Malia's and Sasha's impressions of POTUS, too.  Am I the only one that can't get enough of their family?

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