No One Is Less Impressed By Michelle Obama Than This Adorable Little Girl

Michelle Obama is the first lady of the United States and has two Ivy League institutions on her resume. She has experience as a lawyer and has held high positions in both corporate America and the health sector.

And, of course, she's married to the first African-American POTUS in history. But clearly, none of that is enough to impress this little girl.

That girl was just one of four who got the opportunity to sit down with Michelle at the White House, as the FLOTUS asked the kids for advice on what she should do at the end of her stay in Washington.

It was as interesting as you'd expect for a discussion with such a backward theme: kids advising an adult -- and not just any adult, but Michelle freakin' Obama.

One girl advised the First Lady to work at an animal shelter come January 2017. Another girl showed Obama her best dances moves. Then there was this girl, who after being asked how her day with the first lady went, gave the most nonchalant "meh" face ever.


Clearly, not everyone is impressed by a cum laude graduate of Princeton.

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