Obama's Reaction To Michelle's Last State Dinner Look Was Too Perfect

*When you seriously back bae's wardrobe game.*

President Barack Obama couldn't resist letting the world know he's happy tapping Michelle.

He gave a thumbs up and pulled a little "yeah, that'll do" expression as they posed for photos before a dinner at the White House with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his wife, Mrs. Lee Hsien Loong.










Yeah, he digs her.

But while Obama's reaction to Michelle's outfit was obviously positive, the public served up mixed reviews.

I love this woman, but personally, I think she looks like she's wearing a towel.

The reviews were scathing in the comments of a picture posted by E! News. One person said she looked like she was wearing a toilet seat.

There's a reason this dress stands out more than her usual garb -- it's made by Lady Gaga's favorite designer.

The ivory-colored piece was made by Brandon Maxwell. He told WWD,

It has been an incredible honor for me and my team to create this dress for the first lady. Strong and elegant, she is the embodiment of the woman that inspires me to create, and a role model for women all over the world.

True dat.