Some "Nasty Woman" Halloween Costume Ideas For All You Champs Out There


Halloween is almost upon us, and I fully understand any and all reservations you might be feeling right now. Yes, the idea of coming up with a costume that is both hilariously creative and flattering enough for Instagram seems daunting. And yes, it sounds like so much more fun to put on your pajamas, watch Hocus Pocus and eat a large package of candy corn alone. But it has been a rough year, dammit, and Halloween could be the best possible time to put together some seriously feminist, nasty woman costumes ideas, and show 2017 what you really think of it.

In the spirit of all things #resist, here's some badass, trailblazing women who have been absolutely killing it lately, and the best ways to dress up like them. Bonus points: ZERO of these costumes involve fishnets.

The OG Nasty Woman Look

This one is super easy, low-maintenance, and won't break the bank. Rock a Nasty Woman tee-shirt and you'll send your message loud and clear, without actually having to go through the effort of coming up with a whole fancy costume. Bonus points that the OG Nasty Woman once modeled it – so you definitely know you're in good company.

The Nastiest Woman Of Them All

If you're going for nastiness this Halloween, it really only makes sense that you turn to the woman who started it all. Throw on the same white pantsuit Hillary Clinton wore when the term "Nasty Woman" was first coined – and show that you're still fighting the good fight.

Wonder Woman

OK, so admittedly you will be, like, one of one million Wonder Woman costumes this year... but who cares? This movie kicked so, so much butt this summer and catapulted Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins to complete superstar status. Plus, you could carry a golden lasso and defiantly climb any and all walls that come your way – which would be an excellent party trick.

Elizabeth Warren

Hear me out with this one. I know T. Swift is a very polarizing figure, but no one can dispute that she stood up for herself Nasty Woman style, after a radio host allegedly groped her and then attempted to sue her. Swift took to the stand in August, and was completely confident, calm, and kinda badass. If you haven't read the full transcript from her trial, do it now. It's HIGHLY satisfying.

Plus, whether you love her or hate her, you cannot deny that Swift is good at what she does and doesn't shy away with taking risks (aka the entire "Look What You Made Me Do" video). And that's definitely enough to land her some Nasty Woman street cred right there.

Abbi Jacobson And Ilana Glazer 

Abbi and Ilana are Nasty Women for so, so many reasons. They created, write and star in Broad City, which so hilariously and accurately depicts female friendship. They also collaborate with fellow Nasty Woman Amy Poehler AND they managed to turn their low-budget web series into a hugely successful network show. Plus, you probably just need to pull on a crop top, beanie and ripped jeans for this costume, and you're good to go. Can I get a yahhhhhskween?

Birth Control

Planned Parenthood

If you want to get suuuuuper topical... this is your Halloween costume right here. It might take a village to actually make the whole thing, but it sends a message loud and clear. Plus, if you live in D.C., you could even mosey on by the White House – you know, to really get your message across to the right audience.

Melissa McCarthy As Sean Spicer

A regular ol' Sean Spicer costume? Eh, kinda boring. BUT Melissa McCarthy dressed as Sean Spicer? Yup, yup... that's some true Nasty Woman status right there. Definitely be sure to bring a water gun. And a moving podium. And so, so many packets of gum.

Have a happy Halloween, everybody! Stay nasty.