20 Signs You and Your BFF Are Abbi And Ilana From 'Broad City'

by Erika Huber
Comedy Central

I have to say, "Broad City" is probably the best show to watch with your best friend.

Not only is it empowering to see two women redefining how females are portrayed on television, but it's comforting to see yourself in their roles.

Abbi and Ilana, both as fictional characters and real people, are taking over comedy and making it known that women can be raunchy, witty and totally "un-ladylike" in the best ways.

I'd like to say we should all try to be more like them, but a lot of us already are.

Here are 20 signs you and your best friend are Abbi and Ilana:

1. People are waiting for you two to come out as a couple.


And you don't even care. You have an unbreakable bond that makes it impossible to be as close to anyone else as you are to each other and that never has to change.

Let them think you're a couple, who cares?

2. You both hate her horrible roommate with a fiery passion. (Why did you not live together in the first place?)


You would never eat all her cheese or throw away her Bed Bath & Beyond coupons.

3. You've definitely played hooky for each other before.


She's worth faking a life-threatening tapeworm for.

4. Her happiness is your happiness.


When she finally goes on a date with the hot guy she's been after for months or gets that long-awaited promotion, you're the one jumping up and down and screaming.

5. One of you is the slightly less irresponsible one.


One of you has to keep the combined hot mess contained so neither of you end up in jail, fired or dead in a ditch somewhere.

6. You can count on her to take care of your sh*t.


No matter how tragic or embarrassing, she will make sure no one knows that you pooped at a party. Your secret's safe with her.

7. You get lost in "The Matrix" together.


“It's like all we do is wake up, sign in and zzzzzt we are plugged into 'The Matrix' all day! Gmail, Grindr, Facebook, Facetime, Insta, Grindr, Tumblr, Twitter, Dlisted!”

You easily and shamelessly get wrapped up in the hole that is the deep Internet, and have to help pull the other back into the light.

8. You call each other out on bullsh*t.


Lies are not something that will be tolerated in your relationship. They won't ever pass for truth in the first place. She knows what's right for you.

9. Your lives are equally dysfunctional.


Y'all are just two grown up babies crawling and crying through life.

10. You'd do anything for each other.


Without a doubt, all she needs to do is call and you'll be there for her at her worst.

11. You're a two for one deal.


12. You accept and encourage each other's vices.


13. You've seen the good, the bad and the ugly.


14. Your FOMO goes through the roof when you're apart.


When she's at a party on a roof you're slowly dying in pile of pizza on your bedroom floor.

15. You trust her with your life.


You know her love is strong enough to carry your limp body to safety in an emergency situation.

16.You proudly take on the mom role when needed.


It is your duty to care for her because you're the only lady for the job. No one else would dare try taking that away from you. It's a task you take on with honor.

17. Together, you'll turn a bad night into a good one.


Even if you spill wine down the front of your dress, someone steals your purse and you end up eating your birthday dinner on the sidewalk all in one night, somehow the two of you make the most of it anyway.

18. You're a pair of weirdos.


People give you side-eye and sass and you give it right back.

19. Her family knows all your business.


And actually, you two have to have a talk about that...

20. One of you has an unhealthily obsession with Rihanna.


But honestly, aren't we all?