Man Accidentally Shot Himself Dead While Posing With A Gun For A Selfie

Getty Images

A Washington state man reportedly shot himself dead by accident while taking selfies with a gun.

According to the Associated Press, the unnamed 43-year-old took several pictures on Sunday in which he and his girlfriend posed with the weapon.

The woman told authorities the deceased loaded and unloaded ammunition numerous times throughout the day.

It appears the man thought the weapon was not loaded when there was actually one bullet left.

He pulled the trigger while taking a photo and reportedly shot himself in the face at a residence in Concrete, Washington.

The death is currently being investigated as entirely accidental.

In September 2015, a Texas teenager also shot himself dead while taking a selfie. A 21-year-old man in Mexico faced the same fate while trying to take a photo for Facebook in 2014, The Guardian reports.

These horribly tragic mistakes have almost come to be expected, however, after it was revealed more people died from selfies than shark attacks in 2015.

Individuals who reportedly contributed to that statistic include a man who fell to his death as he took a selfie at the Taj Mahal, a woman who was snapping photos of herself on top of a train and a man who was hit by a train while posing on the tracks.

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