Teen Tragically Dies While Taking 'Ultimate Selfie' On Roof Of A Train

by Sean Levinson

A Romanian teen accidentally set herself on fire while trying to take a selfie on top of a train.

According to Daily Mail, 18-year-old Anna Ursu climbed onto a train with a friend as it sat idly in a station in Iasi, Romania.

As Ursu tried to lift her legs for the photo, she got stuck in an electrical field created by the live wires hanging above.

She was reportedly electrocuted by 27,000 volts, and much of her body became a blazing inferno. Her friend was rocketed off the roof of the train.

A passerby allegedly raced to the top of the train to put out the fire and then phoned for help.

The girls were airlifted to the hospital, but Ursu soon succumbed to her injuries. She died in the hospital after sustaining burns to 50 percent of her body.

A hospital spokesman explained that although Ursu did not touch a live wire, placing a body part in an electrical field is just as dangerous.

Ursu's friend is still in recovery for unspecified injuries.

She told authorities they wanted to take the "ultimate selfie" but did not give any thought to the risks involved.

The passerby who tried to save Ursu recalled how he saw the girls on top of the train just seconds before Ursu burst into flames.

He recounted how he yelled to them to keep their heads and legs away from the live wires, but they apparently did not hear his warning.

Ursu is far from the first person to die while attempting to take the "ultimate selfie."

Other victims include a Polish woman and a Russian teen who both attempted to take photos from bridges.

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