Man Tragically Dies When He's Hit By A Train While Taking A Selfie

by Emily Arata

A set of selfies meant the end for a man who was hit by an Amtrak train while posing on the tracks.

The Oregonian reports the yet-unnamed victim stepped out between two sets of railroad tracks on Saturday morning in Kalama, Washington.

He and a female friend planned to snap a few picturesque selfies and smoke cigarettes near the Kalama River during a trip from Tacoma, Washington to Portland, Oregon.

As the man attempted to take a picture with the rushing 10:28 am northerly train in the background, he was struck and killed by a passing southbound train speeding down the opposite set of tracks.

His female companion barely escaped death.

Cowlitz County Chief Criminal Deputy Charlie Rosenzweig said neither of the friends had any idea a southern train was scheduled for that time. A BNSF spokesman told the AP the pair's behavior is actually considered trespassing.

After several hours of delays, Amtrak resumed its regular service. The victim's grieving friend was, luckily, uninjured.

In light of the man's death, it's time to take social media a little less seriously. Safety over selfies, every time.

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