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Instagram's new DM features let you reply while browsing, share music, & more.

Instagram Just Launched So Many New DM Features — Here’s How To Try Them

I’m about to send all the songs.

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Sliding into Instagram DMs just got a lot more fun. On March 31, Instagram launched a handful of new Direct Message features like the ability to share music, create a poll in chats, and to reply while browsing — all to make messaging with DMs smoother, more efficient, and enjoyable for everyone. Here’s what you need to know about Instagram’s new DM features, so that you can impress the group chat with a secret poll, or make the first move with your crush with a special song.

The new improvements to DMs should come as no surprise. In December 2021, Instagram Head Adam Mosseri posted a Reel to his personal account where he announced the company’s goals for 2022, including a plan to focus on improving messaging. Mosseri said that Instagram needed to “embrace” DMs as a primary form of communication, and now that the new features are here, it looks like the company is starting to deliver on its promise.

The March 31 change comes with seven new DM features:

  • share music through two streaming services (with a third one on the way)
  • create a poll just for your DM group chat
  • reply to DMs while browsing your feed
  • quickly share posts to friends in DM
  • send silent messages
  • see who’s online
  • a new lo-fi chat theme

The features launched March 31 in select countries, and there are plans to expand globally in the coming months.

Before you can start spamming your besties with the features, you need to know how they work first. Here’s the rundown on all the new changes to your DM inbox.

Share Music In DMs

If you’re an Amazon Music or Apple Music subscriber, you can share a 30-second preview of the song you’ve been listening to on repeat over IG DMs to give your besties a taste directly from your chat. And if you’re a tried and true Spotify subscriber, don’t worry, because the feature will also be integrated with Spotify soon.

Create A DM Poll

With the new DM poll feature, you can get advice from your closest friends by letting only them vote on whether or not you should buy your new favorite shoe in three different colors (admit it, you’ve done it too). DM polls let users vote directly in the a DM thread, so you and your besties can figure out where and when you’re meeting up for brunch all in one place. And you can let them vote on your outfit, too.

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Reply To DMs While Browsing Feed

Designed with the modern day multi-tasker in mind, the reply-as-you-browse feature lets you reply to DMs from your feed so that you don’t have to keep switching back and forth between your inbox and your scrolling.

Quickly Share Instagram Feed Posts To DM

Plus, you’ll also be able to share content with your friends faster than before just by tapping and holding the Share button (the paper airplane icon). Finally, to make the chatting experience even more efficient, users will be able to tell who’s online and ready to chat thanks to the list of available users at the top of your inbox, which means you won’t have any excuses not to slide into their DMs anymore.

Courtesy of Instagram

Send Silent DMs

Time zones are a very real thing, and so are busy schedules. Instagram’s new silent feature lets you send a message without notifying your friends right away, so that they can read it in the morning after a full night of rest. To avoid the dreaded 2 a.m. phone buzz, all you have to do is type “@silent” into your message.

See Who’s On IG In Your DMs

While in your DMs, just take a look at your friends up top in your inbox, and anyone with a green dot is on the app. So, green means go ahead and slide into those DMs, or just chat it up with your bestie. Really, it’s up to you.

New Lo-Fi DM Chat Theme

Lastly, Instagram’s new vibey “lo-fi” chat theme adds a relaxing element to your conversation for when you need to start winding things down.

Between voting on what you and your friends should do this weekend, and making the first move with a song for your crush, Instagram’s new DM features might just keep you on the app even longer now.