Here's how to find your Spotify 2021 Wrapped results to celebrate another year in music.

Spotify Wrapped Is Here — See Your Top Songs & Artists

Which bops came out on top this year???

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It’s that time of the year again when Spotify unveils your most-played songs and albums. Whether you think you know your music habits enough to know which jams you streamed the most, Spotify is here to help. As you get ready to say goodbye to another year and ring in 2022, here’s how to find your Spotify 2021 Wrapped results.

Spotify unveiled its annual 2021 Wrapped global and personalized Wrapped results on Wednesday, Dec. 1, so you’ll want to know how to view yours ASAP. If you’ve been a fan of the audio streaming service for a while, you know that the app tracks what you listen to so you can check out your annual stats in a customized story near the close of the year. For 2021, Spotify’s Wrapped results come in a colorful story featuring green, purple, and blue colors. The cards you’ll see flash across your screen will include familiar ones and all-new categories like 2021: The Movie (which selects top songs for your movie soundtrack), Your Audio Aura (which lists your top music moods), and Two Truths and a Lie (which lets you guess which fact about your listening habits is false).

You’ll also see how much time you’ve spent listening, your top songs (and a custom playlist featuring 100 of your most-played songs of the year that you can add to your library ), your most-listened-to song (and how many times you played it), the total number of genres you streamed, your top genres, your top podcasts, your top artists, and how many artists you’ve listened to.

If you’re ready to dive in, here’s how to find yours.

Find your Spotify 2021 Wrapped results from the Spotify website on your phone.

If you can’t find your Wrapped results in your app right away, try heading to the 2021 Wrapped Spotify website on your phone. From there, tap “Listen to 2021 highlights here.” Then, it’ll take you to the Spotify app, and you can tap “See how you listened in 2021” to get your full Wrapped Story.

You can’t view the Wrapped Story on your desktop computer, so using you’ll need to use the app.

Once you’ve found it, you can watch the story and share fun results in cards by tapping on the share icon. You’ll also see a final sharable card that showcases your top five songs and artists, available in four different color combinations.


Find your Spotify 2021 Wrapped results in the app.

To find your Wrapped results is through the Spotify app (iOS or Android), keep an eye out for 2021 Wrapped banners on the Home Screen of your app. You can tap on those to get to the 2021 Wrapped experience.

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After you’ve watched your results, you can save Your Top Songs 2021 playlist and explore other playlists featuring your favorite songs and artists. Make sure you save the playlists so you can access them anytime on Spotify.

If you want to see how your listening compares to other Spotify users, Spotify shared stats about the Top Global Artist, Bad Bunny (9.1 millions streams), with Taylor Swift following him at No. 2; the Top Streamed Song Globally, “drivers license” by Olivia Rodrigo, followed by “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” by Lil Nas X; and the Top U.S. Artist, Drake. You can see the full stats on the Spotify blog post.

Now that you know where to find your Spotify Wrapped results, you can settle in and listen to all the artists and tracks (and podcasts!) that helped you through 2021.