Here's how to order Girl Scout Cookies online in 2022 before they're gone.

You Can Order Girl Scout Cookies Online For Delivery Right To Your Door

Bring on the Thin Mints — and stay in your sweatpants.

Courtesy Of Girl Scouts of the USA

It’s Girl Scout Cookie season, y’all. If you’re planning to load up on delicious bites from The Girl Scouts of the USA, you’ll want to take note of all your ordering options because you don’t need to track down a booth to get the iconic cookies. TBH, you don’t even need to leave your couch to score Samoas, Thin Mints, or your other fave cookies. Here’s how to order Girl Scout Cookies online in 2022.

The tastiest season of all kicked off on Jan. 11, 2022, and Girl Scout Cookies are just a click away. Girl Scout Cookie season can vary by council, but once it’s up and running near you, there are a few ordering methods to make the process easier. With options like online ordering through the Digital Cookie platform to placing an order through the Smart Cookies Mobile app, you can start enjoying the sweet bites ASAP.

You can check online on the Girl Scouts of USA website to see when cookies are available near you, which cookies are available, and where you can get them.

Here are the ways you can score the Girl Scout Cookies without leaving your couch.

1. Order online using the Girl Scout Cookie Finder.

If you head to before Feb. 18, you can use the troop finder (enter your zip code) to see where local troops are. Then, meet a local troop in person and ask them for a link to buy cookies online. Before heading out, make sure to check the top of the page that says when your local troop is started their Girl Scout Cookie season since it varies by troop. You should see a date next to each troop.

If you don’t want to meet Girl Scouts in person, you can order Girl Scout Cookies from the same website as above using the national link starting Feb. 18. When on the site, enter your zip code. This will bring up a page that shows booths near you, and near the top of the page, which troop is offering online orders, and a button that says “BUY NOW” that you can press to place an order.

Courtesy Of Girl Scouts of the USA

2. Order through the Smart Cookies Mobile app

Similarly to online, if you’re grabbing cookies before Feb. 18, you can use the Smart Cookies mobile app to find a troop near you and contact them with their info listed in the iOS or Android app. Connect with your troop via phone or email and let them know you want to place an online order. From there, they’ll send you a personal troop link to order from.

However, if you head to the Smart Cookies app after Feb. 18, you’ll be able to place an online order through the mobile app via an ordering button without personally connecting with a troop.

When you order online or through the mobile app, you’ll need to order a minimum of four boxes of Girl Scout Cookies.

3. Order via DoorDash

Girl Scout Cookies will be available to buy on and through the DoorDash iOS and Android apps in participating areas nationwide, starting in February, though the date may vary depending on your local troop. You can check if it’s available near you by searching “Girl Scouts” in the app. If you don’t see the cookies in your DoorDash app right away, you should check back at a later date to see if delivery is available.

Courtesy Of Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.

4. Buy online using the Digital Cookie platform.

If you want to order online from a local Girl Scout Troop, you can also use the Digital Cookie Platform on the Girl Scout website to search your state or zip code to get in touch with your local Girl Scout council using the phone number or email address listed. From there, a registered Girl Scout will let you know if it’s available and help you place your online order by sharing a link with you.

5. Get text updates for Girl Scout Cookie ordering information.

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Finally, if you still aren’t sure how to order Girl Scout Cookies in your area, you may want to text “COOKIES” to 59618 to get regular updates from the Girl Scouts of the USA.

Fan-favorite classics are making a return for 2022, including a new cookie flavor called Adventurefuls, which features a brownie-inspired cookie base, a caramel-flavored crème, and a dash of sea salt. If you’re planning to skip online ordering and head out to find a local Girl Scout Cookie booth, remember to check the CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.