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Simone Biles Got A “GOAT” Twitter Emoji, And Here’s How You Can Use It

She’s first Olympian ever to be given the digital honor.

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Simone Biles has been able to refer to herself as the GOAT (greatest of all time) for a while, but now she has a goat emoji to match it. Taking on the acronym synonymous with the pro gymnast, Twitter made an official goat emoji for Biles with a sparkly red leotard and a gold medal around its neck, marking the first time an Olympian has ever received a custom emoji from the social media platform. To root her on during the Summer 2021 Olympics, here’s how to get the Simone Biles “GOAT” Twitter emoji by using a couple of simple hashtags.

Twitter unveiled the Simone Biles GOAT emoji on Wednesday, July 21, on its Twitter Sports account — and anyone can use it. The adorable gray goat features a signature shiny red leotard and a gold medal (Biles has four Olympic gold medals, if you’re counting). It’s easy to get Biles’ GOAT emoji on Twitter, but you just need know which hashtags will popular the goat. To use it, add the hashtag #SimoneBiles or #Simone to your post anytime through the Olympic Games and the GOAT emoji will automatically populate on your tweet’s draft. The emoji will be available through the summer, per Twitter, so you can keep cheering her on.

Again, Biles is the first Olympian to receive the Twitter emoji honor, but custom goat emojis have been given out before. The Olympic gymnast joins the likes of NFL players Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes, who got the GOAT treatment for the 2021 Super Bowl.

Fas of Biles have long used the GOAT symbol for the 24-year-old athlete. The first time the gymnast sported a goat design on her leotard was at the 2019 U.S. Gymnastics Championships, and more recently, Biles shared a snapshot of the rhinestone goat design on Instagram on June 7, officially dubbing the goat “Goldie.”

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Despite the scrutiny of the Summer Olympics in Tokyo due to positive COVID-19 cases among athletes, low vaccination rates in Japan, and Tokyo’s current state of emergency, as of July 21, the games are set to go on as scheduled.

Biles will compete at the Summer Olympics on U.S. women’s gymnastics team competition on Sunday, July 25 at 7 p.m. ET, the team finals on Tuesday, July 27 at 8 p.m. ET, and the individual competitions for gymnastics on July 29, all of which will be perfect times to tweet with #SimoneBiles or #Simone to give a little digital GOAT emoji love.

You’ll also be able to find other official Olympics emojis on Twitter, such as the Olympics emoji when you use the hashtag #Olympics, emojis for each competing country, and an official Refugee Olympic Team emoji when you use the hashtag #EOR. If you’re all about Biles, though, keep the GOAT tweets coming and keep an eye on her IG for anymore shots of Goldie.

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