How to get Pepsi-flavored pizza and free Pepsi for the ultimate combo.

You Can Try New Pepsi-Flavored Pizza For Free This Summer

The combo you didn’t you know you needed.

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Pepsi is launching Pepsi-flavored pepperoni pizza in the pizza capital of the United States — New York City — but that’s not the only place you can score a slice. The soda company and the Culinary Institute of America came together to create an innovation that you might not have thought you’d ever need to try, but now that Pepsi-flavored pizza exists, how can you not try it? The free Pepsi-Roni pizza taste test kicks off in Manhattan on May 20. Here’s how to get the Pepsi-flavored pizza, and if you’re not in New York, check out how to cop a free Pepsi and discounted slice.

The soda company is no stranger to getting creative with its classic soda (remember Peeps-flavored Pepsi?), but this flips the OG pizza and soda combo on its head but putting the Pepsi in the pizza. According to a May 18 press release, the pepperoni is infused with Pepsi in a new recipe that uses “Pepsi Zero Sugar reduction instead of the water typically used in pepperoni preparation.” If you’re curious about the taste, David Kamen, Director of Client Experience for CIA Consulting, said in the release that the “pepperoni brings a smokey spiciness and the Pepsi adds a citrusy sweetness.”

How To Get Pepsi-Flavored Pizza

Need to get a taste? On National Pizza Party Day, Friday, May 20, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. ET the Pepsi-Roni will be making a special appearance at Made in New York Pizza in West Village where pizza lovers can try the invention for free, while supplies last. So, if you’re in New York, head over the West Village and see what this Pepsi pizza pie is all about. The Pepsi-Roni pop-up is happening for one day only in Manhattan (and coming to select U.S. cities later in the summer).

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If you can’t get in on the IRL pizza party on May 20, you still can virtually by getting a free Pepsi and $5 off your pizza, here’s how:

How To Get Free Pepsi

  • Grab a slice and a Pepsi from anywhere in the country, in-store or online, and keep the receipt.
  • Snap a photo of yourself with the pizza and Pepsi.
  • Share the photo on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with the hashtag #BetterWithPepsi.
  • Text “PEPSIANDPIZZA” to 81234. Upload a photo of the receipt or a screenshot of the confirmation email of your pizza and Pepsi purchase.
  • Get reimbursed for up to $3 through PayPal, Venmo, or Digital Retailer Gift Card.

Your rebate must be submitted by May 23 to get your money back.

How To Get $5 Off Pizza

  • Open DoorDash on your mobile or desktop.
  • Place a pizza and Pepsi order of $15 or more on DoorDash.
  • $5 off will be automatically applied to your total.
  • Enjoy your pizza and Pepsi combo.

The roll-out of the Pepsi-Roni will continue making its way around the country to Los Angeles, Detroit, Miami, and Chicago. May the cities battle it out on who has the best pie in the country. As long as there’s Pepsi-Roni and cheese on it.