Chelsea Clinton Clapped Back At Trump’s “Alt-Left” Comment With One Amazing Tweet

by Lilli Petersen
Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

Chelsea Clinton has become someone to watch out for on Twitter. The former first daughter has developed a take-no-prisoners approach to calling out President Donald Trump on his favorite social media platform, and we are all here for it. And she just keeps going. Chelsea Clinton's tweet about Trump's “alt-left” comment on Aug. 15 is the best kind of savage, as she laid a characteristically erudite smackdown.

On Tuesday evening, shortly after Donald Trump doubled down on his refusal to denounce white supremacy, Clinton shared an Elie Wiesel quote on Twitter:

"We must always take sides," it said. "Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented." Wiesel, a Holocaust survivor who wrote the book Night about his experiences in the Auschwitz and Buchenwald concentration camps, said the famous line when he accepted his Nobel Peace Prize in 1986.

Yeah. You can't get more authoritative than that.

The line was a pretty clear response to Trump's notorious response to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, this past weekend.

After one person was killed following a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville on Aug. 12, Trump initially refused to condemn white supremacy, saying there had been violence on "many sides." It didn't go over well.

And it got worse. On Tuesday, Trump defended the remarks, saying that the "alt-left" was also responsible for the violence. Twitter met that with a resounding nopecalling Trump out for continuing to refuse to stand against bigotry.

And Clinton joined in with the most apt quote you could have hoped for.

A few minutes later, someone retweeted her, suggesting that there was room for compromise.

"Or we could try to understand the other side's perspective so that a mutually acceptable solution can be found," Twitter user @el_freemano wrote.

Nnnnope. Again, Clinton wasn't having it.

"There's no compromise with bigotry," Clinton responded. And she cited one of history's most reviled so-called compromises: "The 14th Amendment repealed the abomination of the Constitution's '3/5ths compromise.'"

The Three-Fifths Compromise, to refresh everyone's memory, was the pre-Civil War agreement to count slaves as three-fifths of a whole person for population purposes, allowing Southern states more congressional representatives.

Why did you even bother, @el_freemano? Chelsea Clinton is not here to play.

Trump rarely responds to Clinton, but that's fine. It's almost better this way — because we all know he sees it. Trump can't leave either the Clintons or Twitter alone for too long.

But when they come together to take him down? Well, that's something else.