Chelsea Clinton Might Be The Most Savage Person On Twitter, And We're Here For It

by Hannah Golden
Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Twitter can get a bad rap, especially given how frequently (and sometimes inappropriately) it's used by political figures. But if there's one account you should be following, this is it. When it comes to dealing with haters, Chelsea Clinton is a boss on Twitter.

Despite the platform being notoriously susceptible to trolling, she proves to us time and time again that she's the master of her own feed. Here's why Clinton is such an unbeatable presence on Twitter:

She uses her powers for good.

She doesn't just tweet about self-inflating or self-involved things, like some other famous accounts we know. (ICYMI: Most Americans think the president should stop tweeting.)

If you scroll through her feed, it's like flipping through a Yellow Pages of humanitarian causes and social issues, and we're here for all of it.

When Trump announced his immigration ban, Clinton began posting on Twitter to express her disagreement. A lot. And she's continued to share about the issue for months afterward.

Clinton's not afraid to stand up to those in power.

Even when big names try to bring her down, she tackles the trolls like a true champ -- just see Clinton's response to President Donald Trump's Twitter shade.

That whole president trolling her situation? Unfortunately, she's not the only target of the Trump's harassment.

When Trump called the White House "a real dump", Clinton didn't bother to stoop to that level. Instead, she took the opportunity to give praise where it was due.

Clinton is a master at serving back right what gets served to her. When Fox News host Lisa Boothe said on air that Hillary Clinton "would literally sell her daughter... to be president," that daughter was ready with a response.

She bases her arguments in fact.

An astounding number of Clinton's tweets cite statistics, facts, and research. Plenty more simply retweet experts in a particular field, showing that she doesn't just spout off random "facts," but instead defers to evidence.

Her accountability to facts and truth show up even when she's calling people out.

She's even given the GOP tips in the slyest way possible.

Clinton trolls her trolls -- and it's hilarious.

Clinton's feed is full of activism and awareness-raising tweets. She spends the vast majority of her airspace dedicated to issues bigger than herself, and that in itself is applause worthy.

But perhaps best of all -- and most unexpected -- is how she responds to a mention every once in a while with a hilarious comment. When this user tried to make a heinous reference to her, she made their attempt at an insult look silly.

Even when random users try to troll her, she doesn't just let golden opportunities to put them in their place slip by.

If you're not already following her, you should probably start now -- if for no other reason than to learn how to handle haters.