Here's everything to know about Aldi's 2021 Wine Advent calendar's price, release date, and more.

Aldi’s Wine Advent Calendar Is $10 Cheaper Than Last Year’s, And It Includes New Sips

The holiday cheese countdown is back, too!

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Courtesy of Aldi

Wine lovers, raise your glass because Aldi is bringing back its Wine Advent calendar for the holiday season. Although you’re probably still focused on getting ready for cozy season, the grocery chain is here to get you hype for the holidays with its boozy offering. So as you’re looking forward to holiday happy hours, here’s everything to know about Aldi’s 2021 Wine Advent calendar’s price, release date, availability, and more.

Aldi stans know that the Wine Advent calendar is a fan-favorite item that only comes once a year in time for a countdown to Dec. 24. Back for its fourth year in a row, the 2021 Collection Wine Advent calendar will hit the shelves at Aldi in time for the holidays, and it will include a mix of wine varieties, including some new sips. Aldi will also be offering its Emporium Selection Advent Cheese calendar, aka the perfect pairing.

If you’re 21 or older and plan to score the 2021 Wine Advent calendar from Aldi, you’ll want to know how much it costs, when to load up your cart, and what’s inside.


Aldi’s 2021 Wine Advent calendar costs $59.99 for a 24-count package of 187-milliliter bottles. In previous years, the Aldi Wine Calendar sold for $10 more at $69.99. Per an Aldi spokesperson, the calendar’s price drop is due to its recyclable plastic bottles, which have replaced the glass bottles for 2021 to make them lighter and less breakable.

Release Date

Save the date because the Aldi Wine Advent calendar will begin rolling out to stores on Wednesday, Nov. 3, which is the second annual National Advent Calendar Day. In 2020, Aldi declared the first Wednesday of November as the official celebration of the day its popular Advent calendars go on sale.

Courtesy of Aldi


All U.S. Aldi locations that sell alcohol will carry the Wine Advent calendar. They’ll only be available for a limited time while supplies last. Usually, the calendars are limited to two per person, and while Aldi hasn’t confirmed that detail yet, it’s likely the case again this year.

Be warned, they sell out quickly and aren’t restocked.

Wine Varieties

ICYMI, 2020’s Wine Advent calendar from Aldi contained wines sourced solely from California, but previous iterations, like 2019’s version, had wines from all around the world. It’s unclear where the 2021’s calendar’s wines are sourced from, but from the image of the box, it appears there are four winter-themed “series”: Starry Night, Oh Reindeer, Shimmering Lights, and Warm & Bright. Some of the wines listed include brut rosé, sweet rosé, sauvignon blanc, and pinot grigio. More info on the exact vino types will come later in October, so stay tuned.

Also will also sell other Advent calendars, which will be revealed later in the fall and roll out to Aldi stories in the lead-up to the holidays. So, mark your calendar for Nov. 3, and get ready to count down to the holidays with a daily wine (and cheese!) happy hour.

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