Aldi's 2019 Wine Advent Calendar is the perfect boozy countdown.

This Wine Advent Calendar From Aldi Is Stocked With 24 Different Bottles Of Wine

by Daffany Chan
Courtesy of Aldi

Now that the holidays are inching closer, it's time to get into the proper mood for the season's festivities. Whether it's hanging up your green and red stockings or untangling your annual Christmas lights, there are just so many ways to spread the holiday cheer. Though you may already have your eyes set on picking up a chocolate advent calendar this year, you may also want to make room for a boozy alternative this winter. An alcohol-filled calendar livens up the colder days outside and simply makes everything better, so check out Aldi's 2019 Wine Advent Calendar this season.

Aldi's Wine Advent Calendars are packed with 24 unique wines from regions around the world, so you'll get a taste of vino made everywhere from South Africa to Australia. Every day will be special as you discover a surprise 187-milliliter individual bottle behind a flap. There's something for every wine connoisseur, since there's an array of red, white, bubbly, sweet, and dry wines. Prepare yourself, because these super popular Advent calendars, which quickly sold out last year, hit shelves for $69.99 a pop at Aldi on Nov. 6. There's also a limit of two per customer, so you've got to think wisely about who you're gifting these one-of-a-kind Aldi Advent Calendars to this year (of course, it's totally acceptable to give yourself this magical present).

In anticipation for the release of Wine Advent Calendars, fans are singing praises for the boozy product on social media. Twitter user @McCartx2 commented that the wine Advent calendar is "One of the many reasons I love #Aldi," while user @lostinthelights wrote, "Aldi is gonna have cheese and wine advent calendars, that's what I want." It may only be October, but it sure does look like this Advent calendar is already sprinkling customers with some holiday spirit.

If vino isn't really your thing, but you'd still like a boozy Advent calendar, I'd recommend Aldi's Beer Advent Calendar. Like the Wine Advent Calendar, the beer is housed in 24 individual bottles. According to Aldi's website, the Beer Advent calendar "includes a variety of imported beer including six core range selections, two Aldi Finds and seven exclusive varieties." With a release date of Nov. 6 in Aldi stores, the Beer Advent Calendar is the perfect product if you're looking to ring in the season with a couple of pints.

Courtesy of Aldi

Aldi is going all out with their list of available Advent calendars this year, so before creating your shopping list, I'd give a glance over Aldi's selection of advent calendars. Besides alcohol-filled calendars, there are also great family friendly presents like the Cheese Advent Calendar and the Chocolate Advent Calendar. And since Christmas is an all-age affair, there are even toy-themed Advent calendars that the little ones will adore. They feature trinkets from hit movies like Toy Story 4 and Cars.

Whether you're a worldly wine drinker or a chocolate connoisseur, there's truly something for everyone this season. Remember, it all starts Nov. 6 at Aldi, so it's time to unpack your ugliest Christmas sweater and let the countdown begin.