Aldi's 2020 Wine Advent Calendar will be dropping on Nov. 4.

Aldi Is Bringing Back Its WINE Advent Calendar, So Hello, Holiday Happy Hours

Courtesy of Aldi

The merriest season of the year might be the last thing on your mind in mid-September, but Aldi is giving you a reason to start counting down to the holidays by announcing the return of one of its most beloved holiday offerings. Fans might remember the grocery chain's 2018 and 2019 Wine Advent Calendars flew off shelves just days after their release — and it's safe to say this year's iteration will be no different. Just like its predecessor, Aldi's 2020 Wine Advent Calendar is a total steal with 24 unique bottles of vino for under $70.

Every year, Aldi gifts its customers Advent calendars featuring 24 days' worth of booze, food, and more, and 2020 promises to up the ante with 20 different offerings, which will roll out from November to December. The 2020 Collection Wine Advent Calendar, which will make its way to Aldi locations on Wednesday, Nov. 4, once again promises to bring wine lovers a 24-count of 187-milliliter individual bottles containing unique wines. According to a picture of the description on the box, it includes a variety of whites, reds, rosés, and sparkling wines. But unlike last year's calendar filled with libations from countries like South Africa and Australia, the 2020 version appears to be filled with sips sourced from California. I don't think that little change should make these any less perfect for a holiday happy hour, though.

Each of the calendars will sell for $69.99, and Aldi will again set a limit of two Wine Advent Calendars per customer. On the plus side, it's the perfect excuse to pick up one for yourself to enjoy during the holidays while saving the second for another lucky recipient.

Courtesy of Aldi

Once the calendars hit Aldi locations on Nov. 4, you will want to act fast. Wine lovers who tried the calendars before might remember that despite the two-person limit, they quickly disappeared once they were released. Like before, they won't be restocked once they sell out.

November might be still a few months away, but you'll want to set a reminder and remember to follow the coronavirus safety recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as of Aug. 3 while doing your grocery shopping and avoid running unnecessary errands. While picking up your calendar, make sure to wear a face mask, stay at least six feet away from others as much as possible, and wash your hands after handling your new holiday package.

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