Here Are The 20 Best Photoshop Edits Of Drake's 'Views' Album Cover

It's Official: Drake is the king of the Internet.

Unlike a handful of other musicians, the guy really knows how to connect with his audience and, more so, the digital media age itself. I mean, Drake single-handedly ended Meek Mill's career with memes he didn't even create.

Most recently, the Toronto-native paired his newly-released, highly-anticipated fourth studio album, Views, with a Shutterstock-purchased album cover featuring the world famous CN Tower.

At a glance, all you see is the landmark standing tall against a backdrop of the gray, cloudy city. On closer inspection, however, you can spot Drake neatly perched atop as his legs dangle 1,500 feet above "The 6ix."

Fitting for a dude who might've just sold 840,000 units of his album in just two days.

It didn't take long before people took the mini-Drake from the Views cover and Photoshopped him onto a slew of different, hilarious backgrounds to prove, once again, Drake is the king of the hip hop meme.

As a matter of fact, there's an entire Instagram account dedicated to the Views meme under the @DrizzysViews handle.

Check out the 20 best Photoshop edits of Drake's Views album cover below!

Views from a shelf

Views from In-N-Out

Views from Future's Ferrari

Views from a bowl of mac & cheese

Views from outer space

Views from Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

Views from Nicki's butt

Views from Jose Bautista's legendary bat flip

Views from the Met Gala

Views from Elliot's basket in "E.T."

Views from the middle finger

Views from the throne

Views from the short stack

Views from a Jesus sculpture

Views from a private jet

Views from Will Smith

Views from the Air Canada Centre

Views from Bieber

Views, on Views, on Views

So... many... Views