People Can't Stop Photoshopping Drake's New Album Cover And It's Hilarious

Last night, Drake jumped on Twitter in a valiant attempt to get the Internet to stop talking about "Game of Thrones" and Beyoncé's new album by revealing the album art for "Views From the 6," the highly anticipated album set to be released this Friday.

The cover shows Drake sitting at the top of the CN Tower in Toronto (the eponymous "6"), gazing down at the city with the most Drake expression imaginable.

Drake followed up the post a few hours later with the announcement of his upcoming summer tour with Future, and while both of his tweets generated a fair amount of excitement, I was more excited about all of the photoshops inspired by the cover's release.

As was expected, Reddit's R/PhotoshopBattles admirably answered the call, but the rest of the Internet also pitched in to produce a bunch of amazing reinterpretations of the cover.

Here are some of the highlights.

Views From The Sith.

I guess the roof is Wheelchair Jimmy accessible.

Spider-Man is definitely the superhero Drake would hang out with if he got the chance.

Here's the obligatory Crying Jordan.

We all know how lonely Drake can get sometimes.

Views From 112th Street.

Taking "Hotline Bling" to a whole new level.

This is the "Godzilla" reboot the world really needed.

Old-school cool.