The Internet Still Can't Get Over What Happened To Jon Snow On 'Game Of Thrones'


Spoiler alert, obviously. This is a “Game of Thrones” article on the Monday after the premiere -- of course, it includes major spoilers. Jeez. Why would you even go online if you haven't seen the premiere yet? Have you SEEN the Internet lately? All it is is spoilers, porn and branded tweets like this one.

Anyways, after months of waiting and speculation, “Game of Thrones” came back last night. A sh*t ton of stuff happened, but the clear most important thing to go down was the semi-closure we got on Jon Snow's dead body.

Is he actually dead? Can you get stabbed by everyone in the Night's Watch and live on? Can being super hot be enough to save you in Westeros?

We got the answer last night, and it's a pretty resounding no. Don't waste your breath telling the people of Twitter that, though.

Denial doesn't even begin to cover what they're going through.

It's OK, buddy, we're here for you.

Leave the children out of this. They don't need to know such pain at such a young age.

Obamacare ain't fixing sh*t here, Nancy.

Whatever you gotta tell yourself, buddy.

Technically, they didn't burn his body or anything, so there is room to speculate maybe he can be reanimated and brought back to life to avenge his death, maybe even retaking his post at... Ugh, who are we kidding. It's over.

RIP, Kit. I'm gonna go watch "Veep."

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