Young woman watching TikTok's zodiac signs positive & negative traits chart trend.

Is TikTok's Zodiac Signs' Positive & Negative Traits Chart Accurate?

An astrologer weighs in on the viral trend.

One of my favorite things about TikTok is definitely the astro community. While unpredictable and a little scary at times, the app has created a safe space for fellow cosmic nerds like myself to gush about the sun, moon, and stars. However, there’s one thing that many astro lovers may not necessarily enjoy about #AstroTok: the biased assumptions about each zodiac sign — and the latest cosmic trend really lends itself to those stereotypes, and then some. There’s a chart going around that supposedly features each of the zodiac signs’ positive and negative traits. This might not sound out of the ordinary, but as an astrologer, I will tell you that this alleged astrological breakdown is so not it.

What Is TikTok’s Zodiac Sign Traits Chart?

In this particular trend, users typically post a slideshow of a cute selfie, followed by a list of zodiac signs in a very specific order, with Aquarius women, Virgo women, Taurus women, Sagittarius men, and Libra women considered “top tier,” and Cancer men, Aquarius men, Taurus men, Scorpio men, and Virgo men rounding out the bottom as “toxic” and “horrible” — they make “good f*ck buddies,” though. As an Aries, I’ve become so used to seeing my sign categorized (read: villainized) as selfish, arrogant, or impulsive (although there might be some truth to that last one), so when this list categorized Aries women as “very faithful and loyal,” I didn’t hate it. Nevertheless, I simply had to dissect this chart for the betterment of #AstroTok, the world, and of course my personal enjoyment.

One of the coolest things about astrology is how incredibly complex it is, which typically means that any generalized opinions or descriptions of the 12 signs usually won’t cut it. How many times have you met a seemingly emotionless Cancer, or a super sensitive Aquarius? Probably not too often, but enough to make you reconsider the stereotypes associated with these signs. As a result, many of this positive and negative trait list can’t be taken too seriously, due to the fact that everyone experiences the signs differently. And, whether you realize it or not, your own birth chart plays a major role in how you see the other signs too.

TikTok’s Zodiac Signs’ Positive & Negative Traits Chart, Debunked

There are just so many things wrong with this chart, where do I begin? I mean, not only does the chart list Gemini women as stubborn (said no one ever), but there’s nothing to support this list other than personal opinion. The chart leaves no room for considering a person’s moon sign or rising sign either, which plays a huge role in how someone might act out their sun sign. All in all, lists like these are almost never astrologer-approved, and as a result, should definitely be taken with a grain of salt. Someone’s opinion of a zodiac sign is ultimately just an opinion, and shouldn’t ever be considered factual.

So, while I can’t necessarily say I disagree with where Aries women is on the list (💅🏽), I’m going need justice for Virgo men, expeditiously. They might be a little nitpicky, but I wouldn’t call them toxic. Aquarius men, on the other hand... they can stay there.