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Why don't I have an Instagram recap? You need to make your own.

Why Don’t I Have A 2022 Instagram Recap? Here's How The Feature Works

It’s worth it for a Bad Bunny voiceover, though.

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On the heels of BeReal releasing its personalized year-end recap video, Instagram is joining the end-of-year celebrations with a new feature that lets you relive all your favorite moments of 2022. Unlike the BeReal version, though, IG’s 2022 Recap can’t be created with just the push of a button. If you’ve been wondering why you don’t have an Instagram recap video, hopefully you’ve got some video editing skills in your back pocket, because the features requires a bit of work on your end.

Between BeReal’s 2022 Recap, Snapchat’s Year End Story, and now Instagram’s 2022 Recap, there’s no shortage of tools to create your very own highlight reel for 2022. After launching on Dec. 19, the IG feature is the latest version to hit social media apps, and it may be the most hands-on of the three, too. Instead of creating a video with footage you’ve posted throughout the year, Instagram’s 2022 Recap is actually a series of Reel templates that allows you to create your own video with voiceover options from celebrities like Bad Bunny, DJ Khaled, Stranger Things star Priah Ferguson, and rapper Badshah. That means that unlike some of these other year-end retrospectives, IG doesn’t generate a video 2022 Recap video for you automatically. So if you’ve been frantically searching all over IG for your personalized video, your app isn’t glitching: you just need to make your own Reel with the templates provided.

Each template comes with a “My 2022 Recap” title card, and lets you import clips from your Camera Roll to include in your vid. You don’t have decide how long each clip should play for (the feature does that for you), and you don’t have to add sound either, because depending on which template you choose, your video will come with narration from your favorite celeb.

DJ Khaled never misses a moment to impart his wisdom (his “major keys,” if you will), so of course his template, which allows you to select up to 15 videos, is filled with positive messages about how 2022 was all about living in the moment, appreciating the little things, and memories that “make this thing called life a blessing.”

Priah Ferguson’s template, on the other hand, makes for a fun and lighthearted send off. You can select up to 15 clips to match the actresses relatable commentary, like, “I don’t know how that got in there” and “I want to frame this one,” or select your favorite videos at random to make your Recap even more LOL-worthy.

Badshah’s template lets you select up to 17 videos, and features a catchy rap from the Indian rapper that includes memorable bars like, “2022, it’s time to say goodbye to you.” If Bad Bunny made an appearance on your Spotify Wrapped, you’ll be happy to know the Puerto Rican musician’s template, which features a song and a message in Spanish, lets you pick up to 21 videos for your Recap.

You can find the templates via the Reels template browser, which you can find in the Reels feed by tapping the “Templates” option. From there, you’ll be able to import your best clips from the past 12 months by tapping the rectangles at the bottom of the screen. You can adjust which part of each clip you’d like to use by tapping a clip after its been uploaded and moving the white box left or right.


Once you’ve finished selecting your clips, you can give your Reel that extra personalized touch by adding Stickers, text, or drawings.

If You Don't See The 2022 Recap In Reels Templates

Can’t find the templates in your Reels? If you’re having issues, the first thing you’ll want to do is make sure your app is up to date by opening the App Store and searching for Instagram. If the button next to the app says Open, you’re good to go. If it says Update, well, you know what to do.

If it’s still giving you trouble, you can always try the old turning it off and on again trick to see if that helps, or you can skip the hassle and access your favorite template directly by tapping the “Use template” button on DJ Khaled’s Priah Ferguson’s, Bad Bunny’s, or Badshah’s 2022 Recap Reels. To make it even easier, you can also access the template here.

Though Instagram’s 2022 Recap may take a bit more effort than you’d like, it just might be worth it to have all your most memorable moments in one place.

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