Here's where to buy Frosted Grape Pop-Tarts during its 2022 return.

Frosted Grape Pop-Tarts Are Returning For A Total ‘90s Throwback

Hello, nostalgia in a box.

by Daffany Chan
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Courtesy of Kellogg's

Get ready to treat yourself to major throwback bite that’ll totally upgrade your mornings with grape jelly-flavored goodness. Yep, you heard that right — Frosted Grape Pop-Tarts are officially back, which means you can look forward to switching up our morning line-up with the iconic treats in 2022. Of course, the classic treat features the same purple-and-white combo of ingredients to pack a little nostalgia in each bite. If you’re ready to get a taste of the OG offering, here’s where to buy Frosted Grape Pop-Tarts as they return in May 2022.

Kellogg’s announced the 2022 return of Frosted Grape Pop-Tarts on April 18, and it’s a total dream if you’re a ‘90s kid (or wannabe ‘90s kid). Of course, fans across the country have been asking for the product’s return ever ever since it was discontinued in 2017, after it was brought back for a limited time in 2014. As of May 2022, the classic treat, which debuted in 1967 and became increasingly popular in the 1990s, will be back for good as a permanent addition to Pop-Tart’s lineup of flavors. Dreams do come true, y’all

Frosted Grape Pop-Tarts will begin rolling out in May 2022, specifically on May 14 at places like Walmart, and you can keep tabs of where to buy them on the Pop-Tart’s website. Basically, you’ll want to keep an eye out for the breakfast treats the next time you’re shopping. They’ll be available in 8-count boxes like all the other Pop-Tarts lining your cabinets.

The 2022 comeback of Frosted Grape Pop-Tarts features the original ingredients you know and love, including grape jelly flavored filling, white icing, and purple crunch-lets, aka Instagram-worthy sprinkles. It’s classic, it’s tasty, and it’s perfect for a Y2K start to your day.

While throwbacks are certainly tasty, don’t forget to check out new Pop-Tarts innovations, like the Snickerdoodle flavor, which was the first new flavor of 2022 and launched in March. Need you Pop-Tart to taste like a dessert? Check out the 2021 releases: Peach Cobbler and Banana Crème Pie.

When you head to the store to stock up whichever Pop-Tarts flavors is topping your flavor rotation, remember to check CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.

Editor’s Note: This post was updated on April 28 with a May 14 release date provided by Pop-Tarts.

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